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So what I need to discuss? A revolutionary approach to movement and movement (true – Flow), which is connected to the body and improve quality of life (high and speculation – the volume of life)?There airflow, degradation, and they need us. A natural product with satisfaction, which is a new wardrobe when changes your body, you feel as fit as well.If you’re like many people, you might be surprised to look at financial flows “real”. Maybe something to see how flexible, dance, movement, or other “lite”, especially if the first combined directly with the traditional flow of business.However, you will notice that there is a whole science is used with conventional methods. In fact, this is the real reason I want to share the good news to keep the benefits of transforming your body, health and life secret.If you do not know me my books and articles, my name is Scott Sonnon. decades would expect me to be the last person to coordinate or run as martial arts disciplines. My difficulty with pain and common learning is necessary, a proposal to use painful – emotionally and physically. Every time I wanted to stretch my limits, just wait frustrating that my body is potential to improve health and well-being with some kind of disability or serious illness found me either.Then twist of fate that landed in Russia in the first Western formally limited to the training system to learn, I think the river. Despite damage to traditional physical body, because it was the only way, and my traumatic childhood, I had to leave my position, I came to the brink of bankruptcy – repeated failure. So when I found the river, is a spa bath, a movement of liquid concentrate and recover lost access to my movements restore the possible pain and injury.Afterwards, it was the river, we heal eventually my wounds able to restore range lost motion, and – a little ‘ironic – after big changes in my appearance, without even trying to begin to see. Below, slow and focus, I really accelerated my health conversion.The river has revolutionized not only the body but above all my heart and mind. How could it not because the movement – the spirit – and the spirit are inextricably linked, as the screen. Insert come to an end, and while still captured a syngeristic limited. Then I thought about an athlete and champion of the competition is the only way I’ve found is the opposite: Giving the damage left me – track and the case of m throat “for me health and fitness, is full, nerve crushing pain as a straitjacket is a state where I was born. but power, I found that it can be painless, not only that, but when I arrived, and I slowed down, I looked around and I saw the muscles to grow to late starts, begin to find my way and my body seemed to be, I thought first of all should look athletes.Apparently 25 Year 45 this year due to flow; But better than that, I have a better and more stable energy throughout the day, more than many people for 20 years. I sleep well every night, not solve the problem of annoying because I suffered, and regular people surprised when they discover that I am a..
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The Beta Switch Workout

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First of all, I would like to tell a very personal story.As a teenager, my discovery negative body image of this “little known switch” “Tease” and metabolic women.I used to be ashamed of the things that I say …I now, however, clear that my fight is what prompted me to dedicate my life to understand the real causes of stubborn fat women’s struggle.It is women like you who give me the courage to publicly share their struggles of today …It began in the summer of my 18 years …My mother and my sister started an innocent comment as to make: “Sue your ass” …I know they played, but laid the foundation for nearly two decades, obsessive compulsive disorders, negative body image and food.At one point I was also diagnosed with bulimia! …I was wrong to count calories … and I realized how many calories were nothing …I added that my head at the end of the day, and depression, eating more than I thought that “should” be …Unsurprisingly, he was hungry all the time and it was a constant desire! …I remember one sunny day here in Adelaide, Australia … everything was ready for an evening with friends in the city …However, there was that day – once again – my normal desires. I ate all the chocolate giant in a few seconds …He felt actually canceled with me and shame my night very disgusted, so lame excuse my shame and image to hide my body to give my friend …And it’s so bad … I’m addicted to use …I thought to keep a diet slip, wear socks and leggings 2 lessons daily aerobic … [The end was the 80th and 90th …]Even after taking the stage in my 30 years and started racing in the figure in the competition to win, I had to struggle with the same problems …And to lose even with all the pain, difficulties and never the stubborn fat on the back, hips and legs again, are confused because she was 18 years old .