Bouge! Why İs İt So Hard To Lose Weight?

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In this way, it is possible to. faster from point a to point B. in the form of weight loss, I am sure that you have the words “HIIT I felt.” Why?Indeed, with 3HIIT the amount of carbohydrates that regular physical activity on the heart burn more than twice. and this is not just talking about the calories burned, the work, of course, a lot of burn calories at work, is good, but this is what happens in the other 23 hours of the day, what counts the most. As I said, our body is in the fire, to keep a certain number of calories. We call metabolism. That is, if it increases and you burn more calories during the day, without the practice of all time? That is, burn. High-intensity exercise causes an effect called “burn” or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). The phenomenon that causes the body to increase the you to burn your metabolism and calories more during the period of 48 hours after the exercise. Those who do not want to burn fat, but in the silence? If it is made of high-intensity activity, your body will find a way to cope with the demand. In this process, a vacuum, a small accumulation of energy, and the accumulation of lactic acid. At the time, and the days the metabolism is accelerated, and a large amount of energy (at least), whose task is to put your body in a state of rest (to replenish fuel reserves, the composition, acetic acid, lactic acid, enzymes, hormones, etc.). If you wanted to, you could the rules of HIIT to apply on any kind of physical activity, or, simply, the transition between the periods of high-intensity and rest. But it is much more, it is a good exercise, HIIT. In particular, if you want to burn more calories in a short period of time. There is a reason for this is that the circuit training is ideal to maximize your weight loss. Circuit training, at the end of different exercises and keep the time between the one and the other short. One of the advantages of this type of training is that it is easier for the body, with a small number of repetitions and, thus, increase the demand for energy (calories burned!) You will get amazing results in half the time it used to take. I can’t promise you can lose 50 pounds in four weeks. It would be a lie. However, imagine this. You get exercise and to be.