Deceleration Training To Prevent ACL Tears

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Believe me, I’m training system not too far or systematically. They simply can not spend as much time learning each stage of training.I have a personal trainer in the trunk of my car at work, he worked for me?A: Yes, just one open room apartment found in the park or on the ground, and that’s it.Q: I work mainly with children under 12 years old “is this something that I can use?Depending on the level of athleticism and maturity, yes: V. I have with these educational principles under 10 football teams, but they were all good players for their age. Young athletes will benefit from it, but my previous experience in small doses. The levels of attention of young people, not so long.Q: Jerry, when some athletes will not block so fast?learn all athletes in a different rhythm: A. It ‘well documented, does not go to the next phase of this system until the flow control. It is OK to return to the previous step, although a bit ‘ “fastest possible.Q: How much equipment is needed to start the program?A: If you are creative, you can not really need the equipment. Box Plyo and maybe a couple of small cones (3) is more than enough, but you can use one of the bottles and alternative permanent bench.Q: I suck brands. I remember all DVD?R: DVD is very easy to follow, but I knew that some people will participate in field or court that has developed.Q: I need to work with older clients who just want to get back in this hobby yard. You work for them?A: This program is designed for athletes. If the old client to call a sports championship for adults who prevent-and-go type of change of direction movements; Yes, it would work for them. When playing horseshoes, so it really should be for them.The American striker football cell and someone rolled leg, can cause an ACL injury.Contact ACL tears are difficult to predict and prevent even more difficult.2. Non-contact ACL injuries: These are the result of the inability of the athlete to control his body.In general, such as football, rugby, hockey, basketball, and more, there are a lot of changes of direction, cutting, fishing and landing on the ground after a jump.In such situations, if the athlete is not able to handle your body properly, it can take place without interrupting the ACL contact.ACL tears are not a very avoidable contact if you prepare in the right way.Our program to prevent the formation of brake ACL is designed to be used to train athletes properly bottom of the body.This has two very important result of the training.During the delay, the right one can be left closed injury, remove and slow.In addition, our program, its ability to jump the maximum power, running, cutting to create lawyers and other athletic movements to improve the athletes.So what is the right way to slow down the body?The correct way to slow buttocks of the body – the muscles of the powerful back line.Unfortunately, many buttock athletes and their bodies slow down and change direction when you need to go to a poor control of the body results.This lack of control of the body is due to three reasons.More details below …In recent years, more and more athletes see students who come to my University Quad dominant.dominant position means that the athlete uses Quad / her quad to slow down your body as the primary muscle group.The problem is that when the quadriceps muscles to slow down the body, you work more pressure on the LCD display.Quad dominant athletes knee often follow before and during deceleration, which increases the load on the knee, especially the LCD screen.You also need to change the direction of the translation plug submit Quad dominant generation, or turn a corner and you are more risky situation ACL.Problem # 2: specialization at an early age..Nowadays it is more common for young athletes in a particular sport to specialize.

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