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The website owner, you are? Most people when they start Internet companies overlook one of the most important aspects of building a sales and fails to take into account what really makes money!I’ve never seen a website to generate income on their own. I’ve never seen a website to generate income on auto pilot without major role.I think you may have guessed. The main actors of traffic to your business!I must say I talk a lot about the internet and the money list. Yes maybe they are right, but how they can not count all the basic elements of recipes traffic! No matter what you think or what you hear, you still have traffic.Let me put this in perspective for youLet me take a concrete example of life in your mind, please bare with me. Imagine that you are brand new brick and mortar in their dark insignificant local mall (this is your new website today) why? A simple, no one knows where the business is, nobody knows you, nobody knows you at all! You can choose the best stocks / products on the planet, but without showing that you are still in the dark! the product does not mean anything to anyone because no cards, banners, flyers or information wherever you are.How can you get people to find your business?A steady stream of visitors to your business what you want (round) Why? Without people visiting your business will never be sold or at least advance or electronic word of mouth to do it. g. ‘Have you checked out the new store in the mall to check the new ‘Visitors are at the store, you are a big problem for the same reason that if you have visitors to your site. NO SALE, no result, registration NO EMAIL, NO list building, especially profits!The answer to these questions is the same for online business because they are in the physical brick and mortar. You must develop through contact with specific rules for traffic until you need to generate income. By doing this, the flow of traffic and increase your PROFIT list building, lead, affiliate marketing and electronic registration. I’m sure you can now see the importance of traffic and why we all need.

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