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In order to comply with the rs is defined as the foot massage Protocol, as well as the mentioned benefits, customers were informed about: the movement of energy up and down the legs to Remove excess of Pitta/heat, perfect for quiet and uplevelling of energy, Robert shows you how to do in order to take into account the Original Tires a foot massage Rods with a special foot massage from the phone and teach you how to make for themselves or their loved ones and their near and dear ones back home, as well as for their clients in a professional environment. More on that later! WITH THEIR TOOLS, It is sold on a specific innovation, even easier on the other side of the stem and easy to hold, a specially designed very carefully with a much smaller, much more specific Tires to the surface in order to focus on the points. In Melanie’s words: “I like to share in It, as I saw so many amazing things happen with just a touch of sparkle to that particular level. At the same time, the flight I helped the older woman to give to reduce pain in an eye for an eye, she went three months, and with the participation of the three pairs of elements that are beneficial to the eyes. I experienced the best night’s sleep in my life, even if she was in a cold room on the air mattress, after less than five minutes to the ritual of the master professional. Fifty would ago a friend of mine told america that she knew that she had seven field, after a week of marmas. The owner of a local spa, she has decided to dedicate a whole menu of Massage treatments, have a big heart, open to the experience of the plan.a large number of tools other than my hands, but with the Kansa wand that I don’t feel a “disconnect” in reality, it felt very healing and natural. I think it would be, as a therapist, it may be beneficial for the wear and tear with their hands, but to be able to go out and make the person feel more relaxed and easy. I was very careful when he did the back of my head and my shoulder, it is quite surprising to see that he has no hands to do it, if enough of the tool. I felt very healing. It is the way in which Tired of the size of the Wand, and I would like to try to see what it would be like to give a massage, including therapeutic massage, in the case where the person may have more muscle tension and pain. Up to now, at least in the experience I had today, I think it would be very beneficial to help the client to relax and let go of the pain in these key areas. I hope to use it!” ANNA AFTER the foot massage, “My name is Gabriela, I’m a client of Melanie and Bob. The first thing I noticed is the smell of the ghee when I started. It was very nice, the rosemary in the butter. I felt very good, but a little on his feet. For a start, he felt a little uncomfortable in the work of my feet, especially my left hand. But then, after a bit, it seemed to me more natural, and it is a rhythm that you get when you move the stick, and it feels very soft and natural. Therefore, it was very comfortable.

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