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The reason why the development of the buccal mucosa on the environment, temperature changes in winter and in summer has a negative impact, cracking, peeling and cracking of the surface. Excessive intake of spicy, hot foods, sour and salty can also cause infections. Furthermore, the development of cheilitis be caused by the following reasons:Pore-clogging lanolin (lanolin animals include lipsticks), leading to flaking, itching and allergic reactions in the formation.allergies and rashes caused by contact with the lips of hazardous chemicals.endocrine, congenital and acquired immunodeficiency diseases.damage lip can also cause serious diseases such as lupus, herpes and syphilis.Diseases of the nervous system, such as psoriasis and eczema occur, can lead to further complications deposits.There may be a genetic cause of cheilitis, such as during ichthyosis.The impact on the development of the inflammatory process can, and internal organs have diseases. There are many cases of mouth ulcers due to failure of the liver or gastrointestinal tract.the steep body resistance to cancer and its treatment (during chemotherapy) also leads to a violation of the lips of a natural protection.There are several types of inflammatory components, each of which represents the signs and symptoms of the person. If we take a general cheilitis, all types of the most common symptoms are:Patients often complain of dryness, burning and peeling of the skin of the lips;Some may cheilitis small painful blisters, sores and cracks;inflammation of the layout of the border of series red lips and mucous membranes is limited, but in some cases can spread to the surrounding tissues;appear on the lips of a plate systemic disease with pain and discharge of pus..

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