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Try this, just for fun. Imagine a control panel, such as that used by sound engineers. There are several levers in this panel. Brand mental health, wealth, love, purpose, career, fun, expression / self and confidence. You can add as many handsets do not want the mind from the control panel, but this is a good start.Now, lever health, imagine where it currently resides. It is on the ground (illness)? On? At some point? Mental raise maximum multiplier effect similar to (the ceiling). Keep the green Ai lever on retaining flip. Move the lever next to wealth. Making your mind with the lever at the time of the meeting. Rose as much as you think you can (before sits strong resistance). Block instead. Keep moving through the device, note where they are now and when he thinks that he can take at the moment.When all levers’ve rose as high as you can now imagine themselves in power. After all, you, just takes the levers. It is now much higher than it was a while ago, but try to imagine Oh! Savor what just’ve over. Keep thinking, although he felt the resistance, was still raising the lever.Repeat the exercise every day, every day, raising the top lever can. Some days can seem very difficult, and on other days, Äôll the top without much effort. Raised mentally to get used to as well.Imagine going great, and then go even higher. Breaking the limits!In practice, you easier and easier to maintain a high quality and have achieved more. This increases self-confidence, probably far more than you can imagine can make silly exercise. It? S a very intense workout. Thank you for your chakras, raising the weight limits where in life!

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