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SMART Brain Training RaiseYourIQ developed over 10 years and graduated. The founders RaiseYourIQ; Dr. Bryan Roche and Dr. Sarah Cassidy responsible for education, psychologists and published authors in the theory of relational structure. ‘They continue to work and research in this field today. It is borrowed from the science of SMART experts. We are the experts!You can start by selecting Brain Training Schools Free Trial schools..If you want to start a free trial version by clicking on brain training free of individual test..SMART brain training helps to become an expert in critical cognitive skills, social skills called. These skills behind everything you do at school, at work and in daily decision making and problem solving.SMART’s brain is like all other courses during the training, it is associated with only 30 minutes of exercise several times a week, therefore, to improve a variety of intellectual skills base for you all to school, work, and at the end.We are the only company that offers training online training brain based on behavioral evidence analysis analysis (ABA). These techniques have been developed for decades in a research tradition was started by the legendary psychologist B. F Skinner. Skinner was not a brain expert. He was an expert in teaching and learning science. Skinner ideas eventually led to the development of the highly successful treatments for a variety of diseases and mental education, such as disease, autism spectrum, and its approach has taught us to help individuals reach and beyond the intellectual potential. This allows the brain SMART training is suitable for children and adults who are looking to reach their full potential.

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