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This is the reason why I with another gentleman. Lim is program. – Cecelia V. from Dover, we had a history of vertigo for many years. In recent years, the situation aggravates even more, in a place where I have to stop on the road to our house.More “open heart” technique ” that I presisten, to relieve pain in the back. Vivian from Charleston, WV to find the relax, and in practice, to learn, to sleep better after a week, by master Lim with me. – Adrien B., the Sioux in korea, I never knew the importance of the spleen has been after me, Mr. Lim, I’ve seen. As learninng frm Mr. Lim regularly and use the techniques in fact, the test showed that the spleen energy is balanced, improved, and e. my Lips, the color is even better. Digestion and bowel movements improved and I feel that I am no longer blocked. – Lenny J. Phoenix-I’ve always considered it good points and meridians. According to Mr. Lim showed me some points of the massage, the heel of my foot, the pain was gone in a week, RUB the only two areas on the feet. I learned a lot of things on 1. The day in his workshop. I would recommend this training to my friends. – Mary P., Fort Wayne, I was cold and stuffy nose, and his shoulder was in severe pain. Mr. Lim has shown me how to relieve the pain. Work method works very well to reduce the that I could not sleep, the pain in the shoulder, and I need to clear a stuffy nose. – Aaron A. in Denver, CO, I know that the master would have delivered a Lim is useful. There were times when my colleague is sick with the flu or a cold, and I had the opportunity to help, to save, the massage of the meridians. He felt better in a matter of minutes. -Shawn T., New Orleans, LA-I was on the bus, the air was good, and I want to puke. I do not remember the master Lim has taught us, and began to do self-massage. I burped and after that I felt much better . Dolly H. montgomery always of intuition In the workshop. White, ideal for those who want to self-massage, health and well-being.-Dr. Neville, Chicago, IL, a technique that you teach, in fact, so useful for Meridian Self-therapy, massage and treats the whole body, and therefore causes mental balance. – Cynthia G., San Diego, CA I’ve tried other methods to reduce constipation, but it takes half an hour to feel the effects.

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