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Edmund Morris inspired many people in recent years to become more self sufficent, regardless of the size of their land (or patio). He went bankrupt more than once Edmund found that companies go out of their city to be profitable ‘Before the crisis led banks need me … As usual when it comes to institutions, they forced me again to borrow money every time was less convenient to do – they did it as fast as me. ‘
This sounds familiar?Edmund was struggling with bills and life in the city for many years to get a loan to pay off other debts, and find it difficult to stay afloat. city ​​business was in trouble, banks were in trouble – in fact it is very similar to the situation we find ourselves in a financial fund today only know that there was more than a century. After the rent you pay more to increase his own wealth, he decided he wanted to buy land for a small farm; To build your own home, collecting enough fruit and vegetables and livestock to feed his own family, and to sell the surplus to markets in the area – he wanted the security and independence for themselves and their families.The information in the eBook Edmund in the first 3 years of experience ‘back to earth,’ How did you choose the country, chose to develop the animals stood, planning and management of well stocked garden and set their fields. It also goes hand many tips for planting and cultivation of a variety of fruits and vegetables and their experience with cows, pigs and chickens. Frankly, it is what worked for him and he is not.You do not have ten acres to enjoy and learn from the story of the Edmund
‘The promise of the title done and the great little book. There is a sense of air and the simplicity of the author strongly recommends the reader to experience history. ‘- James Miller of The New York Times
Ten Acres enough, you will take full account of the experience of Edmund Morris intertwined with growth and expansion in the United States at the time and beautiful little splash ‘House on the Prairie’ type of feeding method. A ‘back to earth’ real classic!

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