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Prepare… and Prepare you a little More. Yes, you need to know The material. BUT… thats not the spirit! The levels of the Voice commands, not the feeling, the soul of his listeners. The equipment know well enough to be able to go, and instead of talking with your target audience. They create instant credibility.

Contact With The Eyes. I know that there are many books, not say, in various publications that, in the views of the people in Front of or on the top of the head, and you know it. The people you know. It is necessary to have a connection with your target audience and your eyes are the most important tool to help you do this. Try not to cheat… they are very intelligent and know the difference! Even a little contact with the eyes, be aware of your presence in the room is a Problem, enough to feel more positive for you. Contact with the eyes, and at your own risk.

Focus on What it is and How it is. The experience of the participants, that all your time and effort to create the content of your speech, what you say. But you forget to focus on the how. The how, the message that each one of the page say tips for your target audience, as well as the proposals, how they feel about what they say. It is the emotional component of your message. You can be a good content, but if the looks like, and it sounds as if you are bored or are you Afraid of, that it will have a negative impact on the strength of the materials. If you listen to the practice of the delivery of titles, and see Your like…, what do You mean?

If it is Important, that is, two times. This point speaks for the replay value. Dont let your ear, to hear what they say, in the first time. If you Click on the button to delete the message to your target audience, make sure that you have already said more than once in his speech. The preparation for an unforgettable moment. Martin Luther King Jr not, tell your Church, if this Wasnt a dream… that repeats itself, again and again, until the hearing on His dreams.

The rule of Three. With the concept of repetition, a little more, its the rule of three. Works for our brain in a way that will help interesting and Clever, and one of the tips to our brain, be grouped to think about the information and content, that it is better, in groups of three. There are three main points, we use three examples so that the message is repeated three times. Break your information to three different groups of information, make sure that you remember. (Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, blood, sweat, and tears, friends, Romans, countrymen, Stop, Look and listen… 3 wise men, the 3 Stooges, the Musketeers 3, the 3 bears… get the point?)

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