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As Cruz know the secret secret admission. Have you ever wondered why Cruz was ready to destroy the US economy (the default of US debt), or because no attempt to help anyone in the Senate? As Cruz ready to sell his soul on the other hand, pretend to pray to Jesus on the altar every day, so that it works in the opposite of what Jesus represented the position. What you said Cruz, who knows what I know is that it was the right strategy?Now look at the Trump. We know this is not true conservative Trump. He knew.They both know that to ensure the GOP nomination, was the most intolerant, disgusting and absurd it was supposed to attract 67%, 67% of the Republican base, which corresponds to a certain profile.People are now trying to be reasonable, adios amigo. I saw Obama in 2012, when elected, but the person in question to find your way to getting a second term. Was intelligent, discreet reflective potential competitor. Knowing this, the Obama Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman is the retired, but will be back soon and try to be president. He was the only Republican candidate who has never been a moment in the sun. It comprises more than about 2% of the basic image group. What have you done? Since Huntsman candidates were thoughtful, intelligent and discreet, the applicant refused to comply and beautiful land.

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