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As soon as you are in a university physics or astronomy as one of the most important and try to collect an average of 3.0 degrees. A, B, mean, median, minimum, adopted by many doctoral programs in astronomy, in the way that you want to get the best result possible, then, that the program of study in the classroom.

A good knowledge of the scriptures

In another area, in order to ensure that they are able to police. As an astronomer, I have written many articles on astronomy and space. If you like, published in journals with peer review, the quality of your writing must be in first class.An astronomical clock refers to a mechanical device for calculation and display of time and a couple of movements, the astrology of the body. Because the measurement of time in antiquity, often in collaboration with the theories of unification of astrology, the cooperation between the two, the maintenance of equipment was a natural evolution, the creation of various astronomical clocks throughout the history of humanity.

The clock on the screen, one of these watches, the position of the sun, the moon and the constellations, the phases of the moon, the dark, and other astronomical events, and all those who, as you can see, the status and the position of the celestial bodies.

It is important to remember that a clock, an astronomical clock, the controller, which is designed for a constant speed, as a measure for action in the world of astronomy domain.

One of the older devices, can be considered as the astronomical clock, the Antikythera mechanism was built, for the 2. century. C. If the device is not a clock, is a mechanical device that is used to determine the position of certain stars. Posidonius orrery, built in the device, later, in the first century A. D., and it works more or less the same way.

One of the most beautiful astronomical clocks ever built, designed and built by the watchmaker, the Song, the Song in china. It was a water clock, which is associated with a belltower, one of the oldest and most famous of watchespierre. This watch is the warranty of a construction project, there have been a large number of symbols to meet the famous astrological.

Of muslim astronomers and engineers in the middle ages, the situation, the development of a series of complex and accurate astrological clocks. This, including an astrolabe, in the tenth century, Abd alRahman alSufi, an astrolabic the hours), by Ibn alShatir, 14. century, the castle and the clock is in course of construction, and of AlJazari in 1206.

Early in the development of exhibitions in Europe, is a bit of confusion, it is generally accepted that, in the thirteenth century, after the work, mechanical watches, driven by the weight of the water. These watches often have a symbolic meaning, the mechanics, the ideas of the movement of the stars.

The change of watches, which are linked to the phenomena of astrology, this is a natural development as the astrolabe is a device for astronomers, and astrologers, and it was not difficult, with simple mechanical principles of movement.

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