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It is important that the title rise or fall. You are only interested in their relative performance. Well done (and we’ll show you the best way), you can make money, even when times are hard. If every field of science and technology, the ratio between the result bad, the same, there is a recovery plan, the loss of the other. Exchange to Make, without interference. Earn money when the market goes up or down. Even if the individual measures is difficult to predict, but you hours and hours and hours of time and commitment, search, orders, pairs of different animals that can be spent. Apple and Google are competitors, the introduction of products by competitors, you can publish your reports and the obligations of the government provides the competition, in the same way. The generated signals can benefit from our program to predict changes in the difference between the purchase price of the shares of the two companies. Thousands and thousands of competitors on the market and Analyzed with the help of Our powerful Computer, Apple and Google is just one example of the many pairs of competition. Thousands of additional capitalization of the companies listed on the main market in the United States. If you combine the rival’s actions, thousands and thousands (!) discuss two. Our innovative software, runs on our computers more and more powerful, baking powder, all day, every day. The result is a hack to large amounts of data, to give you an easy to use user interface, a list of the highest torque and all the information you need for creating your own portfolio. You need the best to choose a few, in search of relaxation and to get signs in everyday life. Fill in all the net equity, the justice of the curve, the amount of profit, max drawdown, by means of get, and a lot more trading on the NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX and the Australian stock exchange, Up to 10 year back-test, can some Useful information on each layer of the pair, is the Global equity curve of the portfolio, and the symptoms, you can install it via e-mail, anything! Web-based applications, you can use your favorite web browser. It works with PC, Mac or your mobile device. Easy as 1-2-3. We All work for you. Select the most competitors, steps to Start the Alt key and a set of pairs of natural selection, with the continuous growth of the equity curve over the last 5 or 10 years. There are a lot of things in the menu. Enter the amount, select the account, and to see how the Entire market for risk capital where you can see that the total amount of own funds, the curve for the entire Portfolio to give you a good idea of how it would be if one, five or ten years. Errors, warnings, Or you’ll find the members area for the new character once a day, or only with the signal received by the mailbox. It is not necessary to hurry, because the business of a few days. A small difference in price for the entry is not important, profitability. The Videos of the Tutorial Videos, the puzzles take rates, what is going on the market. Come and go, immediately, because the clean Signal. There are books for research. Three short, but full, video, between 3 and 7 minutes, and leads you through the steps. In addition, to get, to buy and sell rivals high-Performance” e – book, with detailed explanations, that, as the cap on the implementation of the financial assistance, the secrets, the hedge funds and the myths about short sales. They make for a good read!! Had the “Big dogs” in secret, Until recently, is our trading strategy, also known as the conciliation, the trade was only known for operators of hedge funds, banks and large financial institutions for twenty or thirty years. There is very little information available about the details of trade, and without tools, it would be easy for everyone. But we focus on the liquid stocks of the companies, especially on the value to change for sure, and just in one direction, long or short, it is. The traditional ” buy-and-hold (buy and pray?) Strategy, would hardly be expected that the Performance of short duration. To beat only a few, not professionally, in the position and S&P to hold the shares. To win our method, and the additional effort, the S&P by 100%, or is no longer available. The power of diversification And Hedging High payout ratio (80-90%), and the low level of the strategy will reflect this. And it is better to take with you, if you have several pairs together. The same net value of the portfolio as a whole, it is consistent and stable. To reduce the risk diversification. And it’s not just the fact that one or more of the actions. (In the case of a significant change in the stock market, most of the actions decreases at the same time!) We are in the conversation, but on the diversification of the most in the level of couples, of the same height, the length and the short side, also known as the Cape. The composition Is the key to the wealth of the forms for resettlement. If your account grows, trading with other activities, so that it is more Useful, your account will be traded by the most of the shares, and so on. You can also see that the capital, if the connection is active. On the left side you can see, there are always 10 thousand to 20 million us dollar in 10 years!!! That would be the amount of daily signal: Buy AAPL to sell 6 shares, and short-GOOG 1 special task is to buy 6 shares of Apple and some of the Google sale. Then you are ready for the day. The number of shares calculated in the parameters (including the size and the cost for the party), which is the same size to hold the long and the short-side.

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