15 Quick Fashion Tips for Men

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Let me tell you, an incredible (true) story, I pass on my birhtday… I was at a party with a few friends looking for a club in the evening, I’m waiting for my girlfriend (with whom I have an open relationship), to…
I went to the bathroom this guy approaches me and says, “Hey, friend, this is Your night happy! I have a friend who wants to meet you…”, I said “ok” and then the drop-dead gorgeous, brunette, who is patient, takes me a few meters away. It is very thin and older than me…
We talked for a few minutes and I told them that we are going to have a little bit more talk. Of course, she came to my table and started dancing like crazy with his back to me (while her friend was in front of her, I tell her that my reactions were).

I had no time to “book”, there’s another crazy-Girl-on-Girl, Close to my table, put the glass on the table, and to see my good source.All I had to do, to dance and to have fun. And NOT Below him, NOT afraid to do anything. The girl has Done it all, that is.
I’m sure now that you ask: what has she done and not behave differently? For the sake of the face of a woman, among the hundreds of men who have the courage to approach a guy? (In particular, In relation to the average, the time for the search of a such as I)
Here is the great mystery: that the way that I dress was
Women are wired, you will find beautiful, healthy, strong, men and couples. In the brain of mice, the makers. You need to be in the “resources”, and for men. (This is how the theory of evolution.)
You are aware of it or not, in search of guys, fulfilling your deepest desires. And there is nothing you can do about it..
But, what you CAN do to change their clothes and very elegant, bad-boy, in the bathroom, if it’s just in the same room them…By by far the fastest and easiest way to be ready for sex, he his clothes. Clothes communicate social status, self-respect and prosperity.
Are you with me? The best dressed, the strongest Signal.
Now, I don’t think the result will be for me. I read dozens of articles, studies, and went to every TV program that you could get to a decision on the matter. I was in a daze.The best “you”, who Is capable of dressing for success. The people are hard-wired good emotions towards other people to provide for themselves. This means better relationships and more options for you.
In that moment, I realized that a lot of of the secrets that make them more attractive. Finally I decided, all in one place, as well as detailed instructions for each piece of clothing that should be done. Then, I … I feel that this is a one-of-a-kind e-book, employees, advisers of the image, that is to say, literally, is dressed for the hot*,* sexually aware man, all without having to spend tons of money for a children’s clothing design.You have to show your best features and hide the body-weakness (floating over the Ring, low, very thin, etc.). In the silence, I know… but girls do it ALL THE TIME!
People are trying to better each other and enjoy their company. Hey, that’s why, it is very good! – You hear a lot of…

You will feel safe, day-to-day, and the possibility that, at last, begin to appear in the way. His recommendations and decisions are made that weigh more.
It is fast, and earn the respect and trust of the powerful man, “well dressed Rebel”.

To your girlfriend, you fall in love with any place. To awaken, In fact, you will be able to the sexual attraction in a woman you meet, using my secret-of-Style-a mix (personally, I’m a scarf-pair with a t-Shirt, wool coat-with amazing results).
Give your career a higher maximum speed. Use your personal image and charisma to help you achieve your financial goals.

How to mix and match colors and clothes. You will learn the science seemed good.
To bring you use the power of accessories to Express your personality and send undercover SEX signals to women. You want to know where you get the ring.”
Kind of STRONG stainless-vibe, wear a dress in the right size. To know the details of this amazing piece of clothing is important.I know this sounds to good to be true, and I understand if you are skeptical. In truth, I hope you don’t believe in us… it was there. Change the way he looked at me, and I watched as my life changed, right in front of my eyes.

Since then, I’ve seen the results on my skin, I swear, I’ve dedicated my life to dress Teach other children as the focus. It is easy, fun, and relaxation, and I am sure that also for you.Hundreds of e-mail, on the phone, consulting with children of all ages, body type and personality. I do it more than 4 years, and I love every minute of it!

Dozens of face-to-face consultation and session to test the purchases of thousands of combinations of clothes to see what works and what does not work)…
The endless discussions and debates with fashion consultants, experts in dating and male models!
and, of course, it’s ALL about me (clothes, shoes, accessories, hairstyles, and hair products, the name of it).

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