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And this is just the tip of the iceberg of what I’ve found… But this is ONE of the results has not… because it made all the difference for me… So, please, be careful… I have Decided that there is no “one-size-fits-all”, if to women, the hormones… it is not “normal” or “better”, which is suitable for the whole body… I think that is what the doctors… And if you think about it, why is it there? The truth Is that our body is unique… we… and when it comes to hormones, every woman’s “must-hormone-balance, which is UNIQUE for you and your body… … which means that in order to feel and look good, you need to know what is “perfect” for YOU… and that is exactly what I’ve done… With all my knowledge, experience, and knowledge of MY BODY to identify, I came up with my “ideal” of hormones,… … … No doctor or endocrinologist could make. Now, when it comes to the level of the hormones… I’m an expert. Now, when I have blood tests, I am sure that the results of hormone-reference-area… and then you have to know whether my fruit is good for me. Easy this is not so, doctor… my body… I Know how you feel, and I know I feel it in my blood, would be the results for me. And you can also … as well as I do that you are the “ideal” hormone that is tailor-made for your BODY and your HEALTH… maybe, like me, he had a “hormone expert” (also known as an endocrinologist) and have already been diagnosed with something non-hormonal, or simply to say that it is something that you, in spite of a bad feeling… Or maybe you had a trick that you think that the hormones are out of control… it can be that you to the doctor for blood tests, only to bring them back to “normal” … in fact, the question of what is “normal” … if I had $1 every time a doctor told me that my results were normal, I would be a rich woman! At the beginning I used to be “normal,” … I was in the General, which means that there was something wrong. I was very naive in the time!!! Now I know that this is normally not an acceptable answer! You could have spent the time cost for an extra charge, a doctor or a pill… some of them is probably a fortune… most of them are not of the state, some made you feel worse, and a lot of them, maybe a little bit has helped, but not for a longer period of time. I… I had a large Cabinet of herbs and synthetic drugs. I used to be between you jump and hope for a miracle. Not only does it not cost a fortune, but don’t mess with my head. I want to go to a lot of optimism and hope, despair and disappointment, if it works. It was so annoying. But if I took control of hormones, and quickly began to feel better… this old, happy, funny, angel… more about My relationship with my husband and children, and immediately went up in weight without even trying… and I have a MILLION times more energy… I have a new life, and I was so happy to be back and meet and talk with people… no, not all of us understand the incredible change in me and asked me about my health… And I want to explain what happened, and all the drama that came for me, and how I felt now… the only thing that surprised me was how many women would be so excited that you had the same symptoms that I had… and Then, of course, I told them I did it to balance my hormones… I don’t know if it comes down to what works for me to work for you… BUT it WAS not there!!!!!! The spread of a sudden, do not know the message, and women, once again, that you had a message asking me for advice… So, I’m here to advise, not to say help and hope for women in all age groups…

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