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A Vedic aphorism says, “infinite flexibility is the secret of immortality.” If we maintain the flexibility or consciousness, we are renewed in every moment and reverse the aging process. Kids offers the best of open and flexible terms. Joke and laugh freely and find wonders in the smallest things. They are infinitely creative because it does not create the system layers that develops constraints and limitations.To keep a young mind, write a few things you can do are the child completely. Do remember something that childhood eating an ice cream, go to a color image on a playground rope to run, jump, build a sand castle. Find something fun that brings the feeling I had when I was a child, even if you think the left, and select one of these activities, the today.Most often judge our calendar shows time, but which is just a number, It also has a biological age is determined by age as you think they are. Expectations strengthen the interpretation, so if you think they are more. The truth is that it slows down the aging process and reverse in different ways. You just have to know how.If you find the “old thinking”, the first thing to do is to change your perception. Deepak the following statement: “Every day in every way I increase my physical and mental capacities” With the right expectations and healthy daily rituals, you can grow younger as you age Here are 10 ways to help.. slow the aging process.1. Drink plenty of water. Dehydration is a big problem for people who have “aged”. Each day, each cell depends on water. Think plum face: a big difference. You want your body as well plum. water system and keep the body hydrated, so drink plenty of fluids.2. Remove the physical toxins from your diet. Eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, which are the colors shown. When you can, stay away from foods that come in a box or label.

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