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What you need to know about Essential Tremor and how it differs from Parkinson’s disease. Learn 12 essential differences that will help distinguish one from the other. The role of age to get Parkinson’s disease and what you need to know about the Early onset of Parkinson’s disease. “Thank You For Making This Easy!!!” I downloaded and printed the book and I am in the process of reading. Thank you very much for writing, that was already answered many of my questions. I had the EP 6 years, diagnosed 3 years ago. Very well Mirapex and stalevo for a greater amount of vitamins. So far, so good. There were about 6 people standing. Smith, who was diagnosed in the same year, is that we have a good group, that brings the parties together, and talk about our ailment!! Thank you very much for having written the book, it’s easy!! Sally disclaimer: results may vary from person to person. Because anxiety and depression are common in patients with Parkinson’s disease and the best way to get rid of negative emotions. The relationship between Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease, and if you really can lead to another.Learn the 5 classes of drugs used to treat the disease, and what it means. Medications you should avoid while on Parkinson’s medication and those you should tell your pharmacist if you use them. “I think This Will Help Many People” Lianna, What a wonderful book you have written, it has answered many of my questions about Parkinson’s disease as I was not sure before, And no DOCTOR has been ABLE to CONFIRM it. I have read on the same day that you sent me and I copied. I went to several Doctors, without side effects, and not a single one of them, including the neurologist, acknowledged that there can be a part of Parkinson’s Disease, my husband has all the side effects that you wrote in your book, therefore assuring me what we are dealing with, it is the same thing that many others have to do with……. In this way can we relieve our minds, so that we can know what it is (instead of unknown) and can now face the challenges of life and we must deal with…

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