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Nipples are usually very sensitive and specific for the clitoris and genitalia to promote the cause of a strong response yoni.Stimulating the nipples is the ideal way to warm the yoni. This can trigger a contraction of the pelvic muscles warm cozy feeling of the heart. Nipple orgasms can be both implosive and explosive. This peak is characterized by involuntary rhythmic contractions of muscles yoni, and the sensation of heat, tingling, which develops throughout the body, but it takes only a few seconds. Since then, this type of orgasm, the clitoris becomes too sensitive to touch.clitoral orgasm are generally volatile. (They can also be implosive, but normally developed Tantric women can channel that energy properly.)After a clitoral orgasm, a woman probably will not continue to have sex, and can not be content with a deeper level. A side effect of clitoral orgasm is a decreased interest, desire, and the link partner. This can be explained by a change in hormone balance. It is best to avoid these first orgasm to unlock other fun designs sex life partners.So Yoni tantric massage is a sensitive issue. It is strange voices in the media and many of them out there. But it is also the most effective tool I have ever encountered. I have taught hundreds of men, women and couples, and I would say this is a practical problem to improve sexuality and intimacy.Yoni massage is not only practiced by hippies or ‘live’ with shadow. He entered the mainstream, and is high. It is a blessing for every woman and couple on earth who want to be in touch with their bodies and their souls. It can heal the trauma, to help work through the feelings, reduce tension and develop a way to learn to orgasm.Maybe you’re here because you have the feeling that this could be something for you and / or your lover? You are in the right place. I have compiled a broad interest of memory you need to know. Enjoy this article – but most importantly: Let the Yoni massage a try!
Ok, for those who are not on my side – I mean vaginal massage.Yoni (pronounced yo-nee) refers to ‘holy temple or subscribe’ in Sanskrit.Receive Yoni massage actually means that the temple is revered as a saint. Enter your partner is worshiped.In the ancient tradition of Indian tantric Yoni massage ritual dancers or above the temple following the tantric cult spiritual path the vagina. Today, it is easier and almost anyone can get one of these massages. Without going to necessarily be a temple dancer or a spiritual seeker, but reserving a session or a self-learning professional. .Why would anyone want to massage my vagina?Orgasm easily? If? Well, you’re one of the lucky few. Most women, due to the stress of everyday life, a little exercise, emotional stress and other physical and psychological reasons, can not easily reach orgasm, or maybe never had an orgasm before. Yoni massage promising way to achieve orgasm. Step by step, the layers of sexual potency will open, and more and more pleasure. Even some of the pain due to switching voltages can be improved. It helps heal wounds of the past, release the blocks that did not even know I had, and especially teaches really feel completely yoni – sacred temple. There is a feeling that is worthy of worship!This massage is a full body massage oil, including the female genitalia. He realized the middle sacred environment and safety of every woman or a person with a vagina. sexual energy (female energy) and presence (male energy) are high.It contains about a member of a thermal relaxation time (skip the genitals), when vaginal massage (which means relaxation and activation of the labia majora, labia minora, clitoris, perineal sponge, hymen, G, vaginal and cervical canal SFA ..).It is a liberating experience ecstasy that takes the listener to any other pleasure of the sector. Contains male and female, which means that it is a dance between relaxation and stimulation of the body and energy.erotic massage is only there to give pleasure to the customer or a happy ‘ending. ‘There is nothing wrong, but the Yoni massage takes much more and much deeper than that.It helps the receiver to heal your relationship with the uterus and Yoni. It helps overcome the negative casting of the body and sexuality of one, who love their bodies and connect with your higher being sexual.Its purpose is not to make a woman orgasm (although most are not in general), but only for healing and spiritual development.Did you know that since the beginning of the Renaissance medical orgasms used to improve the prescription of these conditions: erotic fantasies, nymphomania, melancholy, nervousness, confusion, and even time (warning), difficulty breathing, ‘insomnia. . . Although the reasons are a little ‘politically incorrect, the fact is known that orgasm (or sexual energy) affects the body and mind. So it was a part of the mainstream of the year!
In many cities, the tantric massage the temples have sprung up like mushrooms after rain. Different erotic massage parlors write things like: ‘The Yoni massage is a ritual for sensual sexual energy flowing through the body,’ or ‘tantric massage gives the body and soul of erotic bliss of an unknown species before, and make you disappear into the abyss of the rich emotional experience. ‘All this sounds good, but it’s not always easy to find the yoni right corner. Ideally, it should be in the studio, which is a pure professional – a safe place where you can easily relax, friendly people can be connected. Most people do not even think about booking one of these sessions, because they can not find a place that meets the basic conditions. Or because they do not feel comfortable with being touched by a stranger. I can understand very well.
So if you can not find the right room massage or a recommendation from a friend, just you need to learn! Yoni got my first massage my lover.

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