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The majority of small children is a serious problem for growth. Many normal adult height and distance to accelerate, and for their parents. infants to care is an important indication of the presence or absence of an increase in the problem: Slower growth than children at normal speed can be a serious problem, regardless of the height. There are several diseases and conditions that can cause growth problems and leaves are a series of data.There are several diseases and disorders that can cause growth retardation and small. Lack of nutrients causes the growth of poor head – a balanced diet, adequate calories and protein are important for economic growth. There are a number of gastrointestinal disorders, which can lead to poor absorption of food. The inability of nutrients and energy from food, will lead to a slowdown. The children of these diseases may be an upset stomach or large intestine (colon) and, perhaps, an unusual pattern, appearance and odor. There were no such conditions are often associated with a special diet. It usually extends normal growth when the condition is treated.Diseases of the kidneys, lungs, heart and can lead to a slowdown due to the contribution or the accumulation of toxins and unwanted nutrients in deficient body. pediatric diabetes or high-sugar “” may develop slowly, especially when the sugar level in the blood should not be considered as close to normal.Any disease that is difficult, untreated or poorly controlled can have a negative impact on economic growth. severe stress or emotional trauma can also cause growth problems.The shape of small size due to abnormal cartilage and bone formation and growth. Children chondrodystrophy skeletal dysplasia is short and to have abnormal body proportions; Intelligence is normal. Some chondrodystrophies are inherited, others do not. The causes of skeletal dysplasia, and most of them are not known, although researchers, genetic and biochemical mechanisms work. Opportunities for parents can not be evaluated scrape a son of the same problem before it detects some type of skeletal dysplasia by a medical examination and x-rays of the skeleton. HGF brochure “achondroplasia” provides more information on this large group of bones.

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