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A panic attack is terrible and frightening experience, but not the feeling of ‘dangerous. ‘Panic disorder is actually a normal reaction of the body, which is made out of context.For example, when we believe that survival is threatened in any way, all mammals instinctive reaction to fight or flee. This gives a sudden adrenaline, accompanied by anxiety and extreme panic, and a strong desire to flee or escape the scary situation or circumstances.Interestingly, the intensity of the reaction and the strong need to escape the things that guarantee survival if he really was in danger.increase the flow of blood flow and induced adrenaline increases the resistance and the risk of sensitization. This ” knowledge is an incredibly low risk and can cause a variety of emotions, such as nausea, dizziness, hyperventilation, heart palpitations, confusion, lack of supervision of unreality, as if stunned and trembling, shaking and sweaty palms mm.During a panic attack, your body goes through the same physical processes that you would do if you were in real danger. The difference is, of course, is that even if you think you are at risk, not really. You have panic attacks – without knowing why – we do far more frightening situation.Since the panic, it is very common to find ‘functionality or threats of physical symptoms. Remember, however, no one has ever had this problem when a panic attack to them:anxiety, panic attacks and no one went ‘crazy’. In fact, it turned to panic attacks, this is the only indication that you’re not crazy. Contact loses reality ‘Loco’. anxious people are in touch with reality. Therefore, people panic and anxiety problems never ‘go crazy. It just can not happen.
occasional panic vertigo suggests that might go out. This is impossible, because of the panic, the heart beats faster and blood pressure increases. Such as high blood pressure, it is impossible to ‘leave. ‘When people feel low or’ off ‘, a sudden drop of origin or blood pressure should be.
When the heart starts to beat faster, and people think ‘palpitations’, which sometimes seems as if you have a heart attack. First, the heart beat fast and stable for a long period of time without causing any damage. Even palpitations appear to be on the left chest, there are many differences between the real and a heart attack, panic attack. When the actual heart attack, are the main symptoms trembling feeling in the chest and neck, which are ongoing. During panic attacks, the emphasis is on simple and rapid heartbeat to fight. (I can feel my heart beat up! Ear) People who have panic attacks, feeling of heart problems. The crushing of a heart attack as a result of internal pain that doubles the people and drop them on the floor. Do not listen to the heart and is not the same. Powerful pain is overwhelming, the only thing they can do the treatment.
Sometimes panic because they can not catch their breath (and hyperventilation), which suppress. This is impossible, because you can not get out to suppress. It appears likely, a mixture of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood is too high. This is why people feel weak, dizzy, dizzy and weak. Choking is not possible during a panic attack. After some time, when the body gradually calm, go back to the breath, and other symptoms gradually disappear.

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