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The fair and Accurate credit transactions Act of 2003 Fair credit Reporting Act), the address and the identity theft, in the framework of the protection of the consumer, the victim, to work with the creditors and the credit bureaus remove the negative information due to identity theft on your credit report. The Internet False identification act of 2000, which does not change the old card, identity fake, the Crime Control Act of 1982, the cover of the computer (computer-aided false identity crimes. Offenders are liable to a fine and/or imprisonment in the production or delivery of identity documents false. Experts encourage people to become pro-active measures to prevent and discover identity theft. Obviously, if this were the case, first of all, it is much less stressful than trying to correct the problems that are entrusted to him after identity theft crimes. Here are some things that you can do to protect your personal and financial information for identity theft criminals: – the protection of your personal data at any time. Don’t let the list of numbers to open an account, and do not share your user name or your password to Anyone. To maintain a high level of control over your personal and financial data, as long as you can. – Do not play e-mail, if that personal information, including your name, surname and address. The destruction of such documents before putting them in the trash. – Technical training and tactics, identity theft, and to protect adequately. – Do not give account information to any person (including classmates, friends and roommates. If you are also responsible for paying the bills, there is no reason for this type of information. And we are not to give the password, without a good reason. If you do not share your password, change it as soon as possible.Did you know that more than 10 million people in the united states experience some type of identity theft each year? A lot of people do not realize that they are the victims, even a few years away. In fact, it is estimated that 18% of identity theft victims, the term of four years or more to find out if a crime happened against all, even if the author’s name, address, and other personally identifiable information in its discretion. This is the drama to focus on the table that you need to convince them on the shredder. There are many ways to protect the shredder to stop, if not blocked, by the crime of identity theft. If you have never considered that the computer installed or physics is convinced that the mill near the computer, here are some of the major advantages of its use.

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