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Asian cultures are less difficult and less proactive – these are some of the key factors to help a guy to be successful in the Western world dating. In the West, it is expected to take the initiative during the year. In this way, it is necessary to break the normal and a bit ‘conflicted routine. If the child lives a life committed to the same action to promote her life when it interrupts the current state of the same. China approached the girl romantic reasons, it happens far less than in the West. If you ask the girls, often, it will soon be regarded as Playboy. Typical cultural differences of an Asian boy in ‘Mr Nice’ in the eyes of Western women.3. communication style. We tend to be less emotional expression that prevents speed Attraction building. I believe that the need to build an emotional connection dating is the same in many cultures. The same in Asia, only that it will take a little ‘more for someone to open. This difference is not difficult to overcome, but it takes a little ‘more confidence shows the stories and real emotions.4. The role of the family in Asia is very different from the West. Some people often say, when you’re dating a man for Asian / Chinese think it goes back to the whole family. It is often impossible. Many women are afraid to feel that he is just too much to take the family. Personally I have never experienced this problem, I am away from my family at that time. With the increasing independence of young Asians who believe that it is not as strong in the future.5. session protocol is different. What to do after a year, which is the next step, how do you know who is interested in, etc. Unfortunately, Western women do not fit the Asian way. We must bridge the gap. I think it is particularly painful. Too often an occasion only lost because of my ignorance of the dating process. Get Western friends to give you a demo or read books.

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