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It was a great honor and I brought great success and success in society, so let me explain that I do not want you reject too soon.The ego is angry, you do not spend more money, because to go ‘pranksters you and your hard work to do.The ego wants to cry and complain and show you how to protect yourself. The ego wants justice and the recovery and the law.The ego wants you to be a victim and feel bad about your situation and tell everyone you meet on the details.ego concerned, you can not make more money. The ego is angry, anxious, stressed, and a disastrous future.The good news is that you do not have the ego. The ego is tormented part of the judgment, and that you must learn to carefully and successfully to ignore if you want happiness, inner peace, abundance and wealth, it is.I always liked money. I did not understand the guilt money and still struggling to get things in my life.A paradigm shift for me was the moment I decided that I was better and nothing that does not respond to the main bar. I mean everything.This is the courage to take risks, the risk of treatment failure and success – which was great, and well worth OH.This fundamental change means that even the rich that I can imagine, they are able to create, and on the road, but I remain faithful to the fundamental values, because they are not negotiable.The process could not take place after the ego-identification and the silence of the voice, so you can hear the sound of my heart. My true self.Creating a paradigm shift money now..How can I change the paradigm of money?I changed the inner dialogue with positive affirmations. One word at a time. a phrase at a time. The story at the time.When faith arising from your truth, not anger or anger or frustration or disappointment, but the most authentic self, you know you have to put aside the ego and past the first big block progress .

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