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As part of the process of learning to grow mushrooms, I made many mistakes, but also gained a lot of knowledge and experience.Never give up, I learned to grow healthy ,, organic sponges at a fraction of the purchase cost.He quickly began to have more mushrooms I’ve been using, and so began to give family and friends … and everyone said good mushrooms that was!I decided to try to sell the local fair, and no one bought that day, he came back for more …

It was a demand so strong organic mushrooms I started my own business fungal growth. It was an instant success and is still one of the best producers of organic mushrooms in the country.Beauty organic cultivation of mushrooms that people are willing to pay much, much more than they are willing to pay for the varieties of organic, because now everyone realizes pesticides, which are harmful.One day a client asked me to teach him to grow mushrooms. I showed him cheerfully.Now the idea to teach people how to grow their own organic health, raw mushrooms are born!
mushroom-shaped organic farmers teachersA few months later, and I have created a mushrooming 4 You ™ system, so you can buy on the market stops harmful fungi, mushrooms, but still enjoy the food.After all, they agree that raw mushrooms taste best, definitely cheaper and healthier lives go to the store!Mushroom growing 4 You ™ step by step guide on how to grow mushrooms at home.
Here is a small sample of what you’ll find:
instructions and pictures in total 155+ pages.
HD (high definition), step by step instructions to guide you through the device all the way videos.
How to create and maintain an environment most of the growth.
Growing a large natural mushrooms, tasting the first attempt.
Various methods to increase moisture fungi, strength and growth.
Grain approach – the beginning of the harvest of mushrooms.
RFA method – the beginning of the harvest of mushrooms.
Dean still air in the glove compartment of cheap parts.
Incubation Department – How to build your own.
Results rooms – adapt itself in less than an hour.
Easy to use tools for growing mushrooms comfort of your home.
Connect the sponge correctly.
All agar and sterilization.
And others!
‘Now it’s your turn to grow up healthy and tasty mushrooms’If you’ve read this far, I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that soon will be able to grow your own tasty mushrooms, without pesticides.The best thing is, even if you are on a tight budget, you can start growing your own mushrooms at home.Remember, not my step by step video instructions’re left behind, and learn how to grow your own mushrooms as easy as following the exact techniques you see every video. It is so easy …’You deserve to eat healthy mushrooms! Free of harmful substances! ‘Listen, mushroom other fans, going all the mushrooms to eat healthy.And because mushrooms are one of the items to the list of favorite foods, you also have the right to eat without harmful pesticides and only God knows what.Many people bought escape from the mass-produced food, and instead use the products from us, and so it should. Do it for your health, gain, or both!But do not take my word for it, see for yourself what some of my customers are satisfied enough to say ‘mushroom cultivation 4 You
‘I corrected first cultivated mushrooms …”Today we corrected the first house made of mushrooms, and I’m so happy! I like to eat mushrooms and thought I would try to grow them for a while, but I always thought it was very difficult and I thought that special equipment is needed. So a couple of weeks, I found your site and I think we should try it. I was surprised by the amount of the direction of simplified things and started immediately. Today I can say I’m mushroom producers … Thank you! I’m already thinking bigger and trying to get a source of income scale. I wish you good luck! ”We have a very useful guide and made sure we had all the right steps …”Dear Jake, I bought a ‘mushrooming 4 a few months ago and now I’m coming back to your site and felt I owed you a thank you to see, had never been at home. Without really patience. Like last year, my wife has been suffering from some allergic reactions (mainly asthma, eczema and hay fever) and his doctor said he probably synthetic chemicals and food properties are removed. That’s why we had to buy only organic products. The symptoms were much better, but a grocery bills organic vegetables have risen by more than double the normal price. Therefore, our horticulture so that we can grow our own organic vegetables, and with your help, we will also grow your own mushrooms! We got a very useful guide and made sure we got all the steps correctly. We thank us how. ‘Ron Altmann – Albury, Australia’Fortunately, the guide is very easy to fungi success …”I have read countless books and books on mushroom growing before, but I’m the one who made me feel that we could grow mushrooms. It was everything I read the instructions completely change the technology and often expensive equipment is recommended jargon, does not really make sense, if what you want is to grow at the level of the scale of the house. Fortunately, your guide written in plain Sweden and is very easy for me to start and successfully grow mushrooms. in’ve also built their own offspring after passing through the chamber and the results of his instructions, and cost me a few dollars for equipment. Two thumbs up from me! ‘Ute Fritsch – Berlin, Germany’I want to thank you for your encouragement and a great guide.

Hey Jake, I want to thank you both encouragement and a great guide. Before reading mushrooming all 4 did not know what was involved in cultivation of mushrooms … Now, my family ate a delicious mushroom family for two weeks! Best of all is the feeling I think my children raw mushrooms, and told everyone, ‘the father of the fungus’ better than we used to buy in the supermarket. Not to mention that the job is a lot cheaper! I can honestly say that the system is worth its weight in gold! ‘
Andrew Dawson – Arizona, United States’I love the system, not only because it has all the information … ”I want everyone to try to grow mushrooms in the system ,. Seriously, you should cultivate mushrooms in a biblical way the beginning of the harvest and the mushroom itself tastes good individual films were useful because I liked. I was there for you to grow mushrooms. I love the system, not only because it is the knowledge everything needed for mushroom cultivation successfully, but best of all, to simplify it, so that even someone who does not have the idea of ​​substance is crowned success. Now I want to try something different songs growth of fungi that get more confidence, and I appreciate the cultivation of mushrooms! ‘
Helen Richards – Edinburgh, United Kingdom’I have grown in my fungal growth was about 25 … ‘Hey, Jake. I had grown mushrooms for a few years before finding the system. I bought it because I thought I learn something new, and he was right! I have increased my mushroom growth of about 25 years and completed the advice to add moisture, and this has had a significant positive impact on the taste and texture of sponge (my wife agrees!). I believe that most people, it is important that the humidity will be forgotten when it comes to mushrooms. I also like the way I described how to build a wind glove and hatchery-free rooms – I bought mine a few hundred dollars if ever in Texas, let me know and I will buy a beer! ‘.

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