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Not only speaks a little ‘trivial’ I’ve had with a woman. There are many deep psychological mechanisms at work here, and many layers of communication at the scene. I could do a whole workshop dialogue – no kidding!But this is just a short article. So instead, I want to emphasize two aspects of this dialogue. . . sexual tension and push-pull.Read the dialogue a few times and find out where they are emotionally pushed the girl away from me, an active sexual tension sparks inside.Pay attention to where he shot me emotionally, bring closure and resolution of tensions that I created. And learn everything there is to know about Push-Pull a copy of my audio might think. ? ‘. The dialogue between you and the woman to call the child because a woman would fight the thumb, fighting inch by third grade That girl must have been very young and immature, or attracted. first time. ‘This is a reality without delay. . . I have worked with children and it worked. Women all over the world on the basis of what I call link ‘no-brainer’. To quote a friend: ‘What was fun and very funny as a child is entertaining and fun again. ‘In my experience, the most serious adult female and works best it is what binds ‘a breeze’ work. He must pass all his life is a serious person. It is a breath of fresh air, when someone challenges you to let go, have fun and act like a kid again appears.Push-pull women think that it is an evil and manipulative?

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