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‘What a great book about Jack Russell !!!!!! Everything is so true about those little demons, and this is certainly a good start to learn to understand them. ‘9 essential principles’ is a very good summary of dog training, with detailed explanations of each principle to follow. the checklist at the end of each chapter is also very useful. it is checked to make sure it actually has read the information, not just skim through it. Apart from training methods, this book also focuses on what the dog is thinking and creating situations of ‘win-win’, because we all know there is no way to make an ERC not want !!! A perfect book for any new owner ERC, or anyone who just wants to know more about them ‘is.
– Habie Ng, owner of Jack Russell Terrier.’The best guide to the JR train …”I mean, I found your book the best in its class. It is written in simple language, it is a pleasure to read. Also, many pages made me smile. Yago like talking about me! Love. However, I must confess, my children and I have made many mistakes, so we are trying to correct them after his book. As you said, it sounds simple, but sometimes it just does not work that way. My Yago has such a cute face that sometimes it’s hard not to spoil him.
My children are also reading the book, because everybody has to be involved. I decided to read it, and finally they are doing, and they are enjoying so far!

I want to thank you for doing such a thorough study of Jack Russell. All the things you say in your book are so true! The characteristics of the breed, how they are hunters, everything! They are great dogs! And his book is the best guide to train JR. I’m glad that I found on the web ‘.- Martha Del Mazo, owner of Jack Russell Terrier.’Hi, just I wanted to know what he thought of his book. In a word ‘brilliant’. I found it easy to understand and implement. Most of it worked, because I have not yet completed training as is always constant, my Nell is only 8 months old, but I can see an improvement using this book. I recommend it to any hour of the first owner of the terrier, who is both interesting and useful.Thank you very much Tom. Let me know if you write more books. ‘- The joy Renwick, owner of Jack Russell Terrier.A dog that was expelled from the Cubs Class shows improvements in just a few days …’Tom,

I do not know how to start this. Jack has a love beyond reason. He is everything described on their site and in their book. What I have in almost 4 months old, so there was a lot of early basic training, plus it came with a few quirks of character that had / ME HA at a loss about how to deal with on a daily basis.
He had everyone and their brother tells me to give it up, and gave me the names of the coaches, giving ‘how to … books. Nothing worked. I said there must be a way, I can tell you I wanted to take ‘Caesar’ and whispered something in his nose. LOL.puppy class began. It is not a joke. Had a coach come to the house, all general instructions, nothing specific to the exit. He was sure not to fall into the general format of Taining. So he persisted and playing on some of the things I mentioned (not knowing he was in the RightTrack) and a lot of tolerance and persistence that got through the terrible 2. But still ‘problems’. He went through 3 sofas !! I have pictures to prove it.Let me start at the beginning. When I went to the airport to pick it up (his name is Spencer) I could hear screaming all the way through the airport runway. In fact, I was screaming. No barking or howling or barking, but this cry. This proved to be his signature to anything and everything I feared or wanted to go next. When I left the terminal to open the cage to allow urination and stretch your legs. He was running at the end of his leash and very frantic screams. I felt so bad for him. There were literally exploded in my life. I was also exhausted by the trip. She curled up in my lap as we drove home.We try puppy school. As I said we were ‘asked to leave’ was not going to stop screaming, no one could hear the instructor and when they tried to teach me how to stop it, failed. 🙂 All I know told me that the drawer or worse, get rid of it. I tried the box, but did not go to the room with the box and if I put in the room and prevented from leaving he would not go anywhere near the end of the room where the cage was. Nothing would convince him to get to it, nothing would bring her even closer to him. After months ofhaving this thing are empty and its emphasis on it, I gave it away.It did not take more than a few days to break the house. He is very intelligent and very funny. Not to mention it’s so darn cute. This makes me very happy. But still you have the problem of screams. I think I’ve read every book training out there, just like you, nothing touched that I was dealing with … then I read her first words in the web link was followed. I found your site by accident through a link from another page (I forget which) before he had finished reading the first page, I knew I had found the source to help my child make the dog ‘II know is living in it. .. ‘You confirmed my belief, Jacks are a whole different ball of wax … it was a relief to read his words.We have started and believe it or not in a day have a very different relationship and has ‘calm’. (Still screaming, however, have not addressed that yet) to ‘get’ what I knew somewhere in the depths of my being, but could not take advantage. I can not thank you enough for taking the time to put into practice what you learned and your love of the breed out there for the rest of us. I will keep you informed about how we do over the coming months. Spencer has 4 and a half years now, who are joined at the hip and can not remember what life was like without it. It is a rough coat Jack. Do not pull your hair out, so unless you know the race, at first glance you realize that it’s not a Jack, but once you spend time around, there is no doubting his Jackness. LOL ‘.’ In my opinion, the way this book is written is a simple for someone with little experience in dog training can understand. However, for someone like me with experience in dog training, specifically Terriers, information interesting enough to continue reading it.I feel that all owners of Jack Russell Terrier can get some are reading your book. It is the perfect book for first time owners Jack Russell Terrier ‘.- Robbin Grabowski, operator of a rescue center Jack Russell with over 10 years of experience in the training and care of dogs, rescued dogs that have won several titles in competitions Flyball.

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