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The main reason of a violation of this lack of education (which manifests as over-reaction, emotional instability, lack of interest, etc.), there are to get you ready for love. One of the goals of Yoga is to help you achieve mastery of your emotions, if you can find the love and always love, but love decreases. You will also learn the ability to love with wisdom (the exact mechanism of how to do Yoga, which requires a more in-depth study of the posts on the blog). Keep in mind the need to have control of their emotions, which is an important ingredient for the success of the relationship, I developed the Yoga and Love the series today, on the basis of personal experience and training in Yoga for more than three decades. I’m not here to theorize on love, we have the necessary tools in time-honored and proven system, and if practiced with sincerity, your experience will be your testimony! The program underlines the transformation, both inside and outside. The ultimate goal is to increase your personal magnetism (in order to be emotionally balanced and strong), so it may not be a magnet for attracting true love. The essence of personal transformation, the program is an easy Yoga ritual or life) is going to work in the morning and in the evening, in six months. People are creatures of habit and systematized ritual, the powerful, the technique is practiced in six months, will bring major changes in your life, as I don’t know you! The inner work of the Yoga and Love program focuses on three Yoga techniques which are the key elements of love: the Yoga of the breath for emotional healing and balance, Love, meditation, but in practice, on the outside, life, any job is to be a possibility, but it is not recommended. It consists of the four keys of love: Yoga, food, Yoga, stretch and exercise, to Live a life full of meaning, or dharma, and the Transmutation of sexual energy for creative self-expression and to build magnetism, you see the results, if you are using these powerful methods of self-transformation, which is the case the tradition of Yoga for the time of your life. You will attract love, and the thing! With the principles described in my book, I give you the tools and resources needed to search and find, and to allow a man to enter your life.

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