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Bestchiangmaiguide Program Review,Best Chiang Mai Guide Scam Or Legit?,Best Chiang Mai Guide Book,Best Tour Guide Chiang Mai,Best Chiang Mai Tour Guide,Best Tour Guide İn Chiang Mai,Tripadvisor Tour Guide Chiang Mai…Move exciting first night safari in Thailand tram outdoor 50 seats to meet elephants, giraffes, zebras, lions, Asiatic black bears, tigers, hyenas, crocodiles and much more. Many activities are focused, especially if you are willing to have direct contact with animals such as elephants bathe, hippopotamus rhinoceros horn and feed. Enjoy the Night Safari in 3 different areas, the northern zone and 25 minutes by predators (tram speaking guide leaves 20:30 10:10 a.m.) animals Zona Sur 30-minute drive on the African savannah (with guide English tram leaves 19. 25 and 21. 30 ) and foot area around the tail pack ~~ POS = TRUNC for the first two kilometers.It is very easy to walk along the Huai Kaew Road and turn left onto the road. 121 toward Amphoe Hang Dong about 10 km, turn right and follow the other 2 km.Opening hours: Weekdays 01 a. M. -12: 00 pm and 04. 06. – 11. 30 hours. Weekend: 10. 04. Midnight midnight and 06. 11. 30 pmAdmission: adults 500 baht, 300 baht for children. 10. Ticket sales about 00:00.Read review tourists visited Chiang Mai Night Safari.’We took the local tourist package Night Safari, include the fare. Night Safari is good, we took a train to see many animals can feed giraffes care of animals. fountain show is right in front of the food stalls. We have dinner and enjoy the show at the same time.’Overall, I had a wonderful time, seeing many different animals. A good place to visit with children and a source at the end of the show was an added bonus. But it is not expected to take good pictures rays are not allowed on trains, and the lighting was just good enough for us to enjoy. ”We went in the afternoon and we could not stop the train in the night game, but it was not a pleasant experience. My granddaughter loved it, because it is easy to walk and the road is covered with palm trees and other plants, so that the sun does not hit you. Looks better at night, I think Safari is configured to do so. There are plenty of animals to see some nature. Feeding giraffes was a strong ‘
‘There are few night safari in the world.
It is a different experience for you and you can see the behavior of the animals at night. Ticket sales rate seems expensive compared to normal zoo, but if you believe a new experience, it is value.