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The owner of the site paid banner advertising through one of three methods: cost-per-impression (payment for each website visitor sees your ad), cost per click (pay for each website visitor who clicks on an ad and visits the seller) or cost per action (for each payment that allows the visitor clicks on an ad, go to the advertiser’s site and perform a task, like filling out a form or make a purchase). which is the ‘flag’
Banner advertising is a graphical representation of a rectangular shape that passes through the upper or lower part of a website or in the lower left or right of the sidebar. The first type is called a ranked banners, while the other is called a skyscraper. Banners are based on images rather than text-based and is a popular form of advertising on the site. The purpose of the banner ad is to promote the brand and / or to get the visitor to the host site to go to a banner printing website.What advertiser?

A ‘print’ is a term used to describe the effect of a user displays a page where it appears on a banner or a button that would make a page ‘impression’.What is a click?Once the banner or button is clicked by the user through this port is connected to another destination, possibly another site or interruptions in the campaign page. This is what is called a ‘click-through’. a rate or CTR, clicks can then be determined, for example, if you see the banner on a page 1,000 times and 100 people have clicked on the banner to access the site, it would give a CTR 10. The industry average is around 1. This figure may vary greatly, for example, banner campaigns had 20 CTR, others less than 1, the challenge is to know which strategy will work for your product or advertising service.Banner CMather web is a great way to reach out to the target audience and promote your product, service or a message on the web. If you are a small business or a company, we are able to deliver targeted banner impressions on your site!CMather to take seriously the ads! With over 15 years of experience in online advertising, we know what it takes to get the most click-through rate. Our management software flag and fraud prevention smart makes our website that is what brings us to our competitors. Our CPM (cost per thousand) advertising solution guarantees that all our advertisers will continue to fight with us from time to time.Increase brand awareness, website traffic and sales with targeted banner ads.The Internet is a powerful advertising vehicle that can be used both for specific advertising campaigns and also to create awareness that enable advertisers a unique opportunity to interact directly with potential customers. Internet advertising is arguably the most flexible and responsible advertising medium at this time.


FaceBook Timeline Templates— Reviews

This is an excellent example of the image of the head Rethinking homeless. The background makes it possible to demonstrate that work with the homeless, but to encourage others to participate. It gives the viewer a clear idea of ​​what type of information they can find on this site Facebook and the idea that there is something that appears on Facebook. (It is also interesting to note that Facebook terms and contracts to include ‘page as a teaching background).After the cover photo, fans are more likely to notice their profile picture. Ideally, this should be your logo or any other image that helps to brand the company as a profile picture appear in the news feed of your fans and will be most associated with the image of the company. When you create your profile picture, make sure to choose a new image of the correct size so that they do not seem to be whimsical or major cuts. Requires a Facebook to upload 180px x 180px is to scale the image to 168px x 168px screen.With these elements in place, you are ready to produce kick-ass content for their fans. Finally, you may be interested in custom programming to engage your fans and your friends on your Facebook page. Custom software can also be loaded with custom application button on the front Chronicle Facebook timeline.Facebook pictures as you know, is greater at the top of your profile, or a new photo timeline. This new feature introduced by Facebook in place of an existing profile help to learn more about you and what has been updated on Facebook in the past soon. Now the question is how to create a fascinating discussion on the network, time striking? We always try to help our readers, provide a good solution to the problem. Here are 30 free templates PSD Facebook roofline time can be adjusted and added to the timeline covers are presented. All PSD Free PSD is fully stocked and highly customizable to your needs. Please add links in the comments if you get freer Facebook timeline covers below.With seems this new feature is a new way to stand, even if no graphic profile picture and make the transmission cover. And yes, you can expect thousands of Facebook users are trying to be creative with new Timeline Cover her create hype around online.In this presentation we show great 40 lines and create bridges or inspire you, you will be amazed or just burst out laughing.Moreover, at the end of the article, we will launch weather PSD model Facebook (updated) following the establishment of the special form. Fun with them and enjoy being creative with it!