Teaching Baseball Mental Techniques

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Until now, you’ve probably heard about the 5 tools that every coach in college and pro scouts to evaluate the prospects in terms of speed, the sleeve, the arm, the ability to hit the center, and to overcome the power.

But there is a 6 tool, which allows you to listen to…YOU can CHECK… and the only one who can invest at least the amount of time to develop the MENTAL strength!

The power of the mente…Com So, you have the Opportunity to…
Not….I have no Chance!

You may have the capacity to overcome its power, but if you lack the mental discipline to stay in the cold, in a 2-0 loss account, and I think that trying to do more than what you’re going to get more …is that it really has no power. Uncontrolled power is equal to weakness.

You can hit medium-high, but if they do not have the ability to control their emotions, after a bad decision, the so-called moments of the sea…then you will continue to defeat before the shooter not had the opportunity.

Maybe you have 90 km / h to play with the movement, but if this is not possible, to reduce the minds of many of the fields to try to get ahead in the count, the ball will continue working against you instead of for you. The lack of control with the world begins with a lack of control of your mind.

Now you can see…the struggle is real, and, in the first place. Then, the person on the Rival. The battle will be in the first place, to have in his mind, through the development of knowledge, not only in relation to what is happening around you…but, what is more important, what is happening inside of you. Until you know how, is the first to win the battle between the ears, to continue with the fight.There are no secrets to MENTAL STRENGTH. It is like any other muscle in your body, which need to be trained and developed. But, unlike muscles take weeks or months to be able to show the gains of MUSCLE MENTAL to see the improvements! How? Because it has the best graphics, I just thought of it. And the 21 hours, the Power of the Mind is just a click away!

The seriousness with which you want to play mental game, if you know that the only THING that could be separated from people around you, and the only THING that would be able to not only achieve the highest level…but to keep it there? When you start the game 75-90% of mental capacity. How much time to invest in the mental game?21HMP is the step-by-step Online the Mental Game of a Solution that gives you measurable results in just 21 hours! The power of the mind the program that suits where you are, and gives you a plan to put the mental game, and… performance… you to new level in all the games!

Even if Mental Performance Coaching can cost easily more than $ 100 per session, which will cost thousands of euros, which is up to 21 hours, the Mental, the FLASH of the Energy of LIFE and ACCESS to the 21 sessions, but 6 weekly payments of $ 49.50 for a total of only $ 297!!!

Each time 21HMP is filled directly with the creation of content and activities to use with the client, which will guide you to obtain the MENTAL STRENGTH to dominate inside and outside of the field.5 Minutes, the Sound of the Breath to obtain the benefits of the breath to the present and to learn to control your emotional state in moments of difficulty.
5 Minutes of Audio, and photos to help with the development of the ability to see success in your mind before it happens in the field!
15 Minutes the Contents of a PDF themes such as: the Creation of Identity and Trust, the strategy is to create, manage, Normal, Strong, and Self-Talk Strategies, the Bullying of the Strategies of Awareness and Success, through Injuries to prepare for any situation.
15 Minutes of Mental practice, which challenges you to build the muscle of mental activities, such as physical problems, is the concentration of bars, and the t-reaction time of the card games.
20 Minutes to have Access to a PDF file, and provide an opportunity to assess the mental preparation, and taking into account the new mental game issues.”I worked with a Radius of about 4 months, and it was very good. Helped Me a lot with the mental aspect of the game, especially as the fight on the field, and with runners on base. Working with Ray, which allowed me to make the moves effectively with runners on base to accept the situation and I, in the second place, to move away from the baseline before the game. I want to continue to work and improve the mental dimension of the game…and also with you!”.The life and baseball can be extremely difficult and unpredictable. After working with Ray is not to be able to organize, and I think that my sport, and of new life and light to keep things simple. The plan and the will to learn the psychology of the sport, which allowed me to release my worries, the doubts, the fears, and the focus on “controllable”. His techniques and knowledge is essential for all those who wish to contribute to its development, in sport and in life.””As a pitcher, the mental dimension of the game is as important as the hand with care. At the time, Ray and I worked together with my way of thinking, the mountain is completely flat. He showed me some tools, such as breathing exercises, imagery, and techniques of reframing helped me to fight against adversity, and maintain a proper attitude, when I had to send, at the bottom, and was tempted lost. He also helped to create a routine effective to help you prepare for what you are really interested. I highly recommend this program to any player ready to take your game to the next level.””I worked with Ray when I was in my first year to play softball at Boise state. In that time, I had some problems to adapt to the game university. My confidence is not great, and my crime was to fight.

Ray is a consultant in sport psychology for our team, and it is a blessing. At that time, I was a student in the first year, and I had the best time, in fact, was one of the most serious, but don’t lose faith, and do not try to do this alone. Among the personal battles, the physical pain, and the most difficult of all the adjustments that I made, and Ray has helped me to become mentally stronger and more powerful.

The biggest help that Ray gave me was the consistency. He gave me the “work” from home” and made me look inside and see what I can do to relax my thoughts, to better understand their strengths, instead of focusing on their weaknesses. Especially in attack, when you can’t think too much about it. When my life was in softball abandoned because of a back injury, it cost me a bit, but back to Ray, who kept me positive and helped me to understand that there is more…this was just the beginning of a nueva…de that softball was what I did, I was not what I wanted. It was a gesture small, but when I still do not have experience in combat, to understand that the day of today, I am reminded of the words positive and I hope that Ray gave me.”How many times have you defeated mentally yourself before your opponent never had the opportunity?

After that you have committed an error, he said, “Please don’t enter me in contact…”?

As a pitcher than you thought, “I do not feel well in the pen…if not, well, the first part?”

If you are aware of all these things for you… you are not alone! I was in high school and at the university, and, therefore, more than any other player on the planet!

I’m here to tell you that there is a solution! It may not be able to enjoy life, I thought, but I’m on a mission to make sure that you go in the game, and mentally to give you THE BEST OPPORTUNITY to do the first of the Series!My name is Ray Santiago, III, and that was the last year of college, the 2010 MLB project, he told me that he was not able to play baseball. So, I started thinking about what I could do differently. I understand that there is a lack of talent, back to me, was the lack of mental strength that made me bring it back.

I can understand a lot of things in my life to be the most difficult opponent…not with another computer. I can put a lot of pressure on me to be perfect in every shot and every ball, thinking that it could be my only chance of a scholarship or professional contract. I have learned that it is never a good-or bad-performance. It is due to the consistency.