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I have heard the statement that The son of basketball love is not a joke, if they are bombarded with thousands of images, and always in front of the step with the elections to success, would not be a surprise that I have a passion for this field.

In my honest opinion, Ive never seen the construction of more basketball, in the longterm, viable solutions to solve the problems and challenges associated with the youth of today. In fact, I think that perpetuates carefully in the myth of the black man from the ghetto in one of the 2 means of entertainment or sports. I know that the popular game among our young people, because of its low cost, to play, and that the guys really gravitavam around it, but the focus on the basketball court, but as a temporary solution, in the long term, to help them solve their problems, to complete their education, how to obtain the necessary training for employment, the education of the children, or to learn to be more wise consumer.


I feel that this is the case in which the main activities of the prison system is basketball, a system that is populated by young Blacks and Hispanics; why because these people in the same community in which they are under water, with the idea that basketball is their only way to keep you busy, or manage your business. The cycle is viscous!

When the wealthy of the community, if you feel the need to address the problem of young people, who want to build a community center that offers a variety of options to help their children prepare for the future, there are professional training courses, equipment of laboratories, the supervision, preparation for the university, financial, educational, etc…………….. Yes, but even with the offer of sports and leisure activities, but are not limited to, basketball, you will find swimming, rock climbing, tennis court, games room, games room, chess, etc……… You can see that they understand that what they are offering is what the Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu calls a safety net I know what youre saying, but dont have the money to do it, and you have reason ,but I have to say that many times, when the city was built on the basketball court, generally more than one, and due to the assumption of outside the community, at a great price, In my Opinion, should not generate multiple courts (maybe fear of the gangs and the intersection of other areas), why not build a closed structure, or, at least, the structure with the roof and there are some sections that can be drywalled or the in the cubicles. The areas can be assigned sessions in the classroom, in front of the basket, there is no need to be complicated, but there is something with the balcony, another room, and the like. You can include a clause in the contractors agreement for the donation of construction materials, and the beginning of the work in the classroom and in the articles. This can attract more of the population has no interest in this sport, the research on these assets to your advantage. If it is a question of money, that is the possibility open for a couple of hours, for me, it is hard to believe that there is in the money (grants, donations) available that does not support this type of effort. There are many qualified and dedicated people in the community who really cares about the next generation, who are ready to man the installation, or the volunteers, the parents, the teachers, during the summer holidays, the elderly, people and during the night (something that you need to do a better job of connecting our youth with the wisdom of previous generations), the duty of the police, and so on.There are many lessons that we can learn from participation in team sports, such as basketball, for the transportation in our real life. If you have to learn by themselves, or in the education of children, and in the game of basketball in the classroom can be much more real than the teacher. And see if you agree that:

1. You Cant Do it All Alone

If you want the operations that you (or your child), that is involved in order to succeed, you need to rely on others to help you. Youve heard the expression, No man is an island? It was not designed to do it all alone.