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Flextime Income Launch.The defenders of the labor policies that favor the family, it means having the ability to have a choice of how you work, where you work, and when you work – without work or career opportunities at risk.Good luck, general, staff and skilled workers who have access to this type of flexibility, it means being able to work from home, leave conferences or perhaps temporarily reduced parenting week of cutting work.But that flexibility means low wages too often are always ready to obey and employers. Workers can be – and often is – was at home in terms of volume (unpaid), when business is slow. regular personal days long if business takes, and sometimes the threat to shoot immediately if they can stay up late to work overtime at the last minute was told to pull back, because they have to go home to his family.This confusion was clearly important that House Republicans are expected when they chose the flexibility of the name of the law is the law for companies that need to provide relief for employees to work overtime for working families have overtime.Deceptively named Bill, which was introduced early last month, the Alabama Republican Congressman Martha Roby, where most of the support of enthusiastic leader Eric Cantor, allowing private employers, the employees compensation when they made more than 40 hours a week instead of paying time and a half overtime pay is now required by the fair Labor Standards Act. Cantor, keen to attract women voters deserted the party in the fall, happy to help new agreement for American families – a way to allow mothers and fathers to participate in the life ‘of their children, as he says, a note in the top House Republicans last month. Too often, parents are at work to find that there is simply not enough time at home with his children, he wrote. ‘There are many parents to weigh whether they can afford to miss work for up to half a day to see the baby on the first day of school or attend a parent conference. ‘(PIU ‘: Yahoo Work-at-home women: Why Too Much Work grandfather account)The problem is with the beautiful sound of the law for employees these days can ‘afford’ to give up overtime, which for many – of jobs to low-wage jobs, particularly – but little money to keep the table extra food. Not the same workers usually can afford to deny what is being asked by their employers. And there is every reason to believe that if they can do it legally, Rush employer requires additional compensation to employees, in their free time, instead of expensive overtime. As Eileen Appelbaum, an economist and the search for economic leaders in Washington, DC, all put their offers, overtime actually – and if the employer can keep the money, rather than put it in the pocket of the meeting, what it does out like bandits.’He would like the flexibility of the bill for overtime not paid to employees overtime for more than 40 hours a week and earn up to 160 hours of compensation time’ Appelbaum recently told the Huffington Post. A low-wage workers make $ 10 an hour and spend a lot of time instead of overtime for comp effectively provides interest-free loan of $ 1,600 employers – a month. There is a lot to ask an employee about $ 20,000 a year. In fact, all workers who go to 160 hours of comp time, in fact quoted employer pays per month. Even the arithmetic employers and to provide a strong incentive to increase overtime. Instead of paying time and a half for the hours the employee works more than 40 hours a week for pay, the employer entails financial costs as overtime. ‘(PIU ‘: The Promise more: Why should we raise the minimum wage)And as long as we talk about a lot of time with the family, the employer has the cards, when and how the employee will have. workers have the right to leisure in a reasonable time after the request ‘and just take the time to not’ unnecessarily ‘businesses. In other words, they are ‘the’ when and support if the employer considers – and not necessarily when an employee requests and needs.