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LinkedInfluence Review – What You Need To Know

This is my LinkedInfluence Review. If you would like to visit the official page of Lewis Howes’ LinkedInfluence, please click the link below:

LinkedIn is considered to be the #1 social media platform for business professionals, as it’s a great source of referrals and potential customers. Let’s face it, most people are unsuccessful using LinkedIn for their business because they simply have no clue how to leverage any of it’s powerful features to increase their bottom line. Your efforts need to be coupled with the right strategies for you to harness the true power of LinkedIn.

Product Name: Linkedinfluence – The Ultimate Linkedin Training Course-LINKEDINFL
Publisher Web Site:
Trial period:60 Days

linkedinfluence review

Anyways, here’s my LinkedInfluence Review.

LinkedInfluence Review – What Is it?

You’re probably wondering at this stage what strategies you need to implement to ensure your LinkedIn success. The trial and error method is a bit time consuming, so it’s indeed beneficial to follow strategies and methods that have been tested and proven by LinkedIn experts.

LinkedInfluence is a training system designed to help you harness LinkedIn’s power by building a large network of referral partners, potential clients and qualified leads. It also teaches strategies on optimizing your profile so that you generate more traffic and rank high in LinkedIn search results, as well as in Google. In addition, it focuses on different techniques for driving sales via LinkedIn’s advertising platform.

Here’s a quick summary of what you’ll discover in this course:

  • Module 1: Laying the Foundation
  • Module 2: Growing Your Audience
  • Module 3: The Next Level
  • Module 4: Building Your Company
    • LinkedIn Working e-Book
    • LinkedIn Master Strategies e-Book
    • LinkedIn Ads Training

LinkedInfluence Review – What I Liked

What I like about LinkedInfluence is that its a very detailed guide. If you’re a new LinkedIn user, you won’t get lost because the steps are easy. I also like the content because it’s very comprehensive. Lewis Howes presents a combination of tips and techniques that will definitely work for everybody, no matter what industry you’re in. It is designed to ensure that you’ll be successful with all your efforts within a matter of a few months.

The video and audios included in the course are also of high quality. Lewis Howes has created a very thorough course that is engaging and the topics covered are well- paced.

LinkedInfluence also has a solid customer support system. Is easy to get a hold of the support group whenever you have question or if you’re encountering any difficulties.

One major thing that has made a BIG difference for me using LinkedInfluence is the first section on how to develop or “optimize” your profile. I followed Lewis’s teachings to the “T” and meticulously built out my profile, making sure to include my keywords in the 5 crucial areas within my profile, as outlined in the training.

The result? Whenever anyone does a search for a particular service that I provide or for my job title and town, I show up in the #1 spot in the LinkedIn search results! It didn’t take long to get their either! This has lead to an inundation of connection requests, an huge increase in the amount of B2B referral partners that I do business with and all sorts of job offers, two of which I accepted over the last few years-all because of LinkedInfluence!

I also really like that Lewis Howes included a bonus training section about LinkedIn ads in his course. LinkedIn ads are a great platform from which to promote your business and lay a foundation for increased sales. They can also generate more traffic to your profile and over to your website-and Lewis shows you how to create them in a very effective, inexpensive way.

linkedinfluence login

LinkedInfluence Review – What I Didn’t Like

What I didn’t like about LinkedInfluence is that the product is not available for download and there are no DVDs available for purchase. It gives you access to training videos through your browser so you must be connected to the internet. It’s a disadvantage if you’re unable to connect to the internet or if you have a slow connection, but in this day and age, it’s probably best that it’s tucked away safely “in the clouds”.

LinkedInfluence Review – Overall Thoughts

LinkedIn is definitely making it’s name as THE platform for professional networking. With 161 million users (mostly business professionals), it the perfect venue to connect with influential people in your industry, build credibility and gather referrals.

With a combination of effort and the creative, cutting-edge strategies contained inside the course, LinkedIn can well and truly help you grow your business rapidly, or at least get you that perfect job you’ve always dreamed of. LinkedInfluence is your ultimate guide to help you realize and leverage the true power of LinkedIn. Based on my own research, there really isn’t any other LinkedIn course available that compares to this dynamic business-building tool.

Overall, I would highly recommend LinkedInfluence to anyone who wants to use LinkedIn as a social media tool to dramatically grow their business and increase their profits. It’s a complete road map to the path of business success using LinkedIn.

So if you might want to take it for a test drive. Lewis Howes has a 60 day money-back guarantee if you decide that it’s not for you, so you’re fully protected.