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Well, I just read the book and it was great! It is so inspiring and revealing. Kristin open his eyes in front of the problem / disorder I have.Thank you for helping me see that there is a solution! It is good to know I’m not alone. Thank you for the courage to tell his story. I think it is much more motivating when you hear the real stories of people who went through what happens.EBook gave me hope. I am one of those who are always in a ‘system’ to read the system ‘the facts in his book really spoke to me. He made me understand that I must stop looking for quick fixes. It is so hard to put into words how much he helped me! I am very happy to start your plan!Thank you for your courage and thank you for telling stories is so generous and willing to help others change their lives for the better! Congratulations on your e-book and I just continued success! I see you on Oprah! I know it!
I know first hand how compulsive overeating syndrome is right. I know how difficult it is to find other people that you trust.E ‘was when I returned, I promised to help as many people as possible overeating and compulsive food. Like people.And this is the challenge began. The decision to publish my ‘problem’ was not easy for me. I felt very scared.A picture of me after binging won
After Jamaica to win the binge eating.
In the end, I kept this secret world of mines hidden so long. But the passion to help others, he pushed me to overcome this fear and the decision to write a book on how to overcome binge eating syndrome is born.I spent over thirteen months, research and documentation binge eating disorder this ebook.I found many disturbing facts about Binge Eating Disorder in my research. I found many stories of people like you and me, who are struggling to overcome this nightmare.There are countless people who suffer from binge eating disorder – and not even notice.Some people are able to maintain some healthy weight but struggle with the psychological side of this eating disorder.There are 130, 220, 350, 460 or even 500 pounds, with binges have taken control of their lives.There are men, women, and yes, even children who suffer from binge eating.The conclusion is that this disease the effects of the power of so many people, but most people (including myself) to keep secret binging. There’s really no way of knowing exactly how many people suffer from this disease.For example, when I was in high school, I am a very active leader. While maintaining a healthy weight in high school, binging consumed my life.Nobody knew my life ‘secret’ is hidden behind closed doors.So while excessive consumption of eating disorders research I quickly found that there was a very promising here. But nothing has really hit the nail on the head for what it really takes to win the binge eating syndrome.. . . Not treated with common sense things, like you. still thank you to write a good book.. . . I went from 180 to 171 pounds, and everyone eats healthy food, not binge eating, and I get a butt so you can do good things for me. And helped. I am eternally grateful!. . . Ebook is logical, it is not only forced to eat, but in all my life. For the first time in many years, I have not used an excuse to binge weekend. . .. . . Thank you for new inspiration. Good news: the morning, six weeks, I’ve overcome binge eating! After reading the e-book, I decided to put it behind me, something I could not do before. There were so many times I tried to quit, but I could not do it. . .. . . I found an e-book and can not be bought. I was confused. I know I tried everything and nothing works !!! I’m almost finished ebook. In Chapter 10, and think it’s great and inspiring!. . . I am deeply impressed by your support and care for me.. . . Someone your age, you have experienced and overcome this disease is so admirable, and hopefully soon on the same level.. . . Kristin, you’re a real inspiration to me.

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