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Magic tip – don’t forget, after each interview, send a Post-interview cover letter” for the person interviewed. Short (no more than one or two items), optimistic, and friendly. If it really is the beginning, the idea is to stay away from the herd, “Post-interview,” the call would not be bad. Again, if you, in writing, by e-mail or phone all questions….to Find the ones you Like, what you want! Magic tips 1-4), which is repeated until it is something magical that happens and the job you want. You pay for it, and even focus plan, you will pay. We hope you learned how important it is to stand out from the crowd. Magical tip #6 – maybe your lack of interview offers something quite different. Did you know that your cover letter can be more important than the resume. The “advertising writing” in the curriculum, and if it doesn’t have to be, to the attention of the executives, or your resume is included, there is always the chance it deserves, and this means that you will have never the possibility. To create, to ensure that you get the latest techniques, a very good letter that noticed this!!!You are a candidate for the job is the most important tool focused, in the belief that the improvement and adaptation of the curriculum, the curriculum is on the earth and our work? If so, it is best you look good with your current situation. More, if you don’t have the need to send a letter with your resume, and also please don’t us your CV. As one of the youngest candidates for the post, I have a lot of time and money perfecting my resume. For all the applications. you send the needs, the employer is obliged, in accordance with the position in the list, my CV is perfect, I have a book is well-written, but in General, the documents will be presented. For the focusing, after reading the article on the importance of a good cover letter have written, I have begun, of which only the perfection of my. The results were amazing! To sew, as I started started my letters, phone calls, we are all waiting to be discovered. In fact, after dragging my results, I found out that 75% of the cards he sent me that, as a result of the employer in contact with me for more information or for a conversation! With results like these, it’s no surprise that the function of the task. You write the letter perfectly, so it is necessary: 1 some things are very important:. Keep the letter as short as possible. Employers don’t have time to read, the all-wise. 2. Your first sentence of the letter should be used to explain why the employer must continue to read, the letters that you are qualified for the position.This is the place where you have the opportunity, for the first time. This is why it is very important to be careful when writing the introduction. The references to this part, and to show that you are interested in. You need to call your name, and you will have the opportunity to be part of (company Name). We can say that the person who will win, you may be a candidate for the job, and to make the work more efficient.” “Well, it’s time for a little self-advertising here is the section in which you will be able to find by yourself and demonstrate that you really have to get on the site, and to the things. They talked about their experiences and achievements with the previous post, and what you want to write, as part of the new company, with the help of which you can. You mentioned the name of the previous company, where he had previously worked, and your position. Do not forget, your achievements, the visible, which you have to pay the best candidate for the job, which really is.” “After all, we are talking about in the end. Many people are confused about how to you with a letter, but let me tell you, is that it is difficult to give an opinion. Just to say thank you and show that you are interested in, by e-mail. That is, are not very beneficial to the company, and put this. You can end your letter: “I Hope to hear from you soon.'” Has four essential elements of how to write a letter of intent from the sea. In The First Place, Greetings. After Giving A. Then, The Free Action.