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This may help to explain why many people learn English or learn Spanish, French or another foreign language, for one, two, three, five, or more YEARS without any significant progress. Why? As if a person who n learn English or the language you are studying, you do not have money to pay. No, the other, the weight or percentage of them.All work and no play makes jack a annoying child, all we have to say that it is normal, that there are many, many, many times, in our. This proverb tells us that the game has a great importance in our life, so why not play to learn English? When we learn something new, this is the first idea that comes to mind as a book. But it is not possible to learn something new, and what could be achieved through the use of games. Yes, the game and the learning is a fusion of the senses, the children feel relaxed and comfortable. In place of the old formula of the books for children and forcing them to work hard, you can play interesting games to play and learn at the same time. In this way, you would not be able to expand the knowledge and light, so that the activities that you like.

We are now dedicated to different types of games that help the most are useful to improve the English vocabulary and can be a person, to improve the oral expression ability to listen and understand.

1 Scrabble

It is one of the most popular games of words, reading, words are composed of letters of the cards of the selected section (1515 grid. In general, it is recommended for children from 8 years.

How do you play?

In General, the game between the two players. The game is played on a square board of 15 by 15 grid of cells (individually known as squares). Before starting to work, all attributes in the soil. Now you can start to play the game in accordance with the model of the seven cards, and place it in your rack. In each round, players, in a word, in English, through the board, through the combination of the colours of the tiles. Each letter, tiled, with a score of 0 points for White 1letter a, E, I, L, N, O, R, S, T, U 2 (D) and (G), 3pole, B , C , M , and P 4 pointsF, H, V, W, y, and y 5 points K 8 pointsJ, X 10 pointsQ and Z), at the end of the book, the total score is calculated. A player with the most points wins the game.The most recent data have shown that 1 in every 6 primary school children in the UNITED kingdom (English as a second language. This brings us to the concern that teachers are always pressureoverload, multilanguages in the class. The school also said that, in the struggle, because the education of children with different needs, requires the recruitment of more players, while money in the school system.

At the same time, critics argue that diversity in the classroom is a resource, not as a burden, and difficulties in the education of children, the teaching of English as a second language (ESL) is greatly exaggerated. The question then, how are the schools in the management?

Against, the challenges of teaching different languages in the classroom, is important. Different settings for the specific needs of each child, in particular, could have an impact on the date on which the class teacher in higher education, and This can have adverse effects on children, for whom English is not their mother tongue. The head of the Migration hours, the united kingdom, it has been said that the enormous pressure on the education system… it is the intent of the effects on children who do not speak English as a first language.

Is the statement, the argument is treated as the cause of some intellectuals and political figures in the media, bilingual pupils with the English language. There is no evidence that these two cases demonstrate that the evaluation of allthis is the challenge for teachers, at the national level, can only be hypothesized.

The political arguments that, on the one hand, and the problems of integration, the true mothertongue, English as a second language for children, and at the same time a high level of education? Studies suggest that the correct approach, the diversity of languages is not necessarily the problem.