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Federal Savings Bonds verification 1. Database..According to the U. S. E series of government savings bonds worth more than $ 17 billion will be returned. These bonds were sold between 1941 and 1980 sold by the government as a safe and patriotic way to invest. Maybe you have one as a gift. (I know I did. – The ‘grandmother a savings bond’ fears gift) It is obvious that many recipients simply forgot about them.Just visit the website of savings bonds ministry and go to a specific page of a set of tracks. You can access the treasure hunt, click on ‘People’ and ‘Tools’ – or just go to Google and search’ treasure hunt. ‘When you reach the page treasure hunt is a blue button down, two-thirds of the text’ new search ‘. Click this link, enter your social security number and will be informed if they have links. Each survey should take a few minutes.WalletPop: 5 simple ways to save $ 4,000 this year..2. Ensure that banks..It’s also fun to find a bank money may be for you. Note that you open a savings account with his parents as a child? Choice? What about the bank account when they are married, or a savings account for college, opened a grandmother to your children?

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