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I love public speaking and most of his adult life. I also learned a lot about how to be a better speaker, as part of work, and some of the reading I have done, and (as I wrote in my book) my participation in Toastmasters group. Fifth my six simple rules for a better life ‘learning to learn’ and learn to speak effectively and that public confidence so it is a valid target for everyone.Recently, I am in contact with the green, James Ward, author of the excellent book on this subject: huge public speaking. What I like about the book is that James is a regular guy and ideas presented in an easy to understand and practical. I interviewed James in his book, and I am glad that the presentation of the interview.Colossal before speaking in public, to share experiences with public speaking.In fact, I’m just a regular guy. I’m not famous, I do not have specific qualifications. I’m no good and I’m born naturally good speakers. I am a person on a daily basis on the streets. Unlike most people, however, seems to me a way to talk about the success of the Community.Not only one is not born a special vocal talent, but I knew all that she felt shy. Then, for about six years, something has changed. I put something on the road, in fact, can not speak publicly, and in a hurry, it is better that the speakers as well.When I learned to be a great public speaker, he was part of my daily life. In particular, the Office has worked so far. he sent to the Commission and then starts giving lectures to large groups of people.One of the things I noticed it was difficult to talk to the public, but small. For many years, I quit my job and started an independent office, employment or aid for the introduction of the first people who had to stand up and speak.A little over a year, because they adhere to a new interest in these shares to the public secrets.How can you learn to be a great speaker?