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And as a security company. . . All complaints have fallen on deaf ears.It seems that the reason for the fine print. . . and when we connect; He said he can not guarantee the security of the system. . . and if something goes wrong. . . Here. . . They are not responsible!He was angry face, but even crazier on my confidence in the safety of other people in my family.For months I’ve been chomping what could be, should be, or could have done differently.My wife has done everything he learned. E ‘was built 9mm, but against multiple attackers, darkfield and pumped with adrenaline. ‘It was a small possibility. . . All weapons available. . .As for me, I was almost physically sick when first the naive and unprepared I!Everything should have known what to do, I mean I have over 14 years of martial arts. . . but again this is just a false sense of security..I soon discovered that if a surprise trains, but trains with adrenaline, locks and panic in a real fight.The fact is that, even though I was mad at me, I’m very angry, he was training, I managed to defend my family. . . This is because martial arts instructors trained to be very scary. . . and it may suffer ‘deer in the headlights panic fear and suffering for it.Physically and mentally I am concerned about the fact that I failed. . .I felt humiliated and embarrassed
Unable to protect my family. . .. . . And he was right, I decided to do something. . . to ensure that my family has never had anything like this!Determined to find the answer. . . I returned to work security consulting and focus on deficiencies and gaps in all my time and attention. . . violent criminals and the lack of work in all circumstances.I looked necessary to prepare the area not protected by a security system arts. . . I’m sure he had the key.And here it is what I found. . . There are few things that really work around the defense. . . I wonder if it was self also defense. . . If criminals are able to get that is designed to protect the system, the same can be said about the combat system designed to protect the body or your familyThink about it. . . I remembered that we did not expect the night. . . prepare panic, adrenaline, treatment and armed attackers.After years of grinding of all art forms, including complex movement, the process and the strategy did not work bhfíorshuíomh, I steyttur, but simple methods of plant self-defense for a few seconds in a violent manner or at home.Here you can see the most common problems. . .knowing that his answer specialized Stadium, where almost impossible. . .And when you only have a few seconds to stop the surprise attack, how to choose the right, without you or your loved ones injured?You can see that most martial arts instructors teach hundreds of complex movements painful years of work and dedication to management. Even bright fantasy based on reality.Effectively. . . So it is not uncommon to master ‘called martial arts, he got the beating of them by stealing an addict for $ 5 GetYou see, the truth is a self-defense course, a lot of complex information that is full of powerful strokes, work for the average man in real life. . . when it reacted for a few seconds,I know I have a lot of walking here and say all this, but I do not care! I’m afraid to teach people what really works in real life. Nothing else!But perhaps the worst mistake of all – I think you’re strong enough to cope with the crisis’. ‘Not you! Also a black belt master karate frozen fear in the face of armed assailants. Fans tip martial arts knife stolen arts and flight time.

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Like the other ships of the Virginia team finished the Congress to accept the surrender of the team, federal troops landed misunderstood the situation, opened fire and wounded captain of Virginia. He returned to favor, ordering blow hot and incendiary cooked in Congress. fire and can carry a weapon Congress has a flag for the last time, he said NHHC. He continued to burn overnight and exploded around midnight. ‘Although the M-1 Garand to replace the bolt pistol Spring US venerable upcoming World War II, a new rifle when he saw a great battle use. One advantage of the main force equipped with bolt-action rifles – much as the German war – everything was fast. M-1 had a well-earned reputation for reliability, despite the exposure of the battlefield to dirt, sand and clay in Europe, local Pacific theater of war.Garand remained the biggest battle of the US Army in the Korean War, and in 1950 replaced the M-14 rifle with a detachable magazine and a short drive. Circular 308; M-14 was then replaced with an M-16 rifle. Garand spent several foreign armies, including the army of South Vietnam until they are no lighter M-16 rifles that the US began to withdraw its troops in the Vietnamization program. Choose one of these devices Garand ceremony still use today.But the role of the US defense Garand far from over. If every citizen is a potential member of the temporary defense force in the cities, the most difficult circumstances, many, many thousands of reliable manner shown to protect battles with heavy fire weapons in their arms to shoot safely: M-1 Garand. If you are, you can ask to buy M-1 is used by civil recovery program, or CMP, and add to your collection.The criteria for being a US citizen can possess firearms and to be a part of the CMP acknowledged the Gun Club. You must also demonstrate that they have the knowledge to use firearms (DD-214 is sufficient). The prices listed in the M-1 Garand to just over $ 700, the CMP site. You can also find on the M-1 and other surplus ammunition, when available, from the PMO.So do not hesitate to take the right to keep and bear arms going to the M-1 Garand years. I like what my weapon, and it’s nice to know that the gun was an important part of our victory in World War II, ready to respond if necessary.