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The National Intelligence Council, which represents the consensus of US intelligence agencies in 2012, he published an unclassified report, Global Trends 2030 warning or estimated before the Super solar storm is repeated in 2030, in 1859 the case of Carrington one of the eight ‘swans on the black’, that could change, of course, the world’s civilization.There is scientific consensus that the second class of super solar storm, Carrington is inevitable.Nuclear EMP latest cyber threat..Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) feature against cyber threats is usually not considered dangerous for Western science, but it is a military attack patterns in Russia, China, North Korea and Iran. has the potential opponents of the military doctrines of cyber warfare part of the broad-spectrum antiviral activity, such as sabotage and attacks kinetic weapons or nuclear EMP attack.It is very important to understand that the nuclear EMP attack as part of the information and cyber warfare plans to potential adversaries. Our computer instruction is designed to overcome and prevent cyber doctrines of potential opponents to predict how they attack us, but the science is right now.IT is an information warfare doctrine and dangerous blind people can do a variety of potential adversary information warfare campaign to cripple the US electrical grid and other critical infrastructure would include the EMP attack.A review of nuclear EMP attack, including computing and information warfare doctrine and the possible effects of EMP attack opponents described herein based on the analysis of the operation is the Congressional EMP Commission this threat nearly a decade (2001- 2008). Strategic Posture Commission conference and study the many other great similar conclusions, and thus a scientific and policy consensus that EMP attack on the US nuclear weapons existential threat to an independent state.EMP attack on nuclear weapons
High explosion of nuclear weapons more than 30 km of the electromagnetic pulse can be compared with radio waves of super-energy, more powerful flash, can destroy and interfere with the largest geographical area of electronic, high-altitude blow up the network to the horizon.

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Survival MD author Dr Radu Scurtu and Robert Grey, a perfect (if a simple and easy to understand) the instructions for those who want to prepare for emergency situations, accidents and disasters feel safe tomorrow.This book will teach you what to do if a disaster occurs, and there is no one who can give you a help or a doctor. There are many tips and techniques on how to treat almost all diseases without drugs too expensive. You can also search for products and medications must be stored in advance.If the book is for you, because it is written in the professional and many of the words and unknown titles, it is not true. The author managed to concepts and ideas to offer, understandably, the family is not only experienced, but also beginners.The guide provides tips for creating a first knowledge of first aid treatment. Even if you have one, the data can provide some ideas to improve it. Survival MD many pages dedicated to the prevention of diseases in popularity, so you can not rely completely on your own first aid kit, but also a strong health.

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The best part is that if you install the system, you can actually get government checks.You see, there are federal programs that reward people to create this green energy.Therefore, with instructions and videos showing the best way to install solar panels and wind turbines to power the better, shape us, you can also get discounts on the federal government and the guide will show you how to complete forms for most of the possible cuts.So not only can you understand massive energy bill – you can actually put a little more money in your pocket!And remember, the guidelines are designed to demonstrate the absolute best way to install the system. For solar panels and more efficient wind turbines, listening to the system on the road. Lost not one watt.Now at this point you may have some questions. I see. We get questions every day, and I am proud to answer.Q. team?F.! In fact, the government encourages people to take responsibility for electricity. You can also get compensation from the state!D. It is difficult to do?A. No! Do not have carpentry skills. If you’ve never picked up a hammer, you can do the job.’C. Dangerous?A. No! No need for all that relates to hazardous electrical systems. It is safe and easy to do the job.D. E ‘safe for my order at home?F.! Clickbank uses 256 bit encryption for secure software available worldwide so that the transaction is secure and private.
C. The risk of the order?A. No! In fact, I’m glad you asked. We offer the triple satisfaction guarantee. Speaking precisely why you are safe when you order today:Warranty: 1 – If your electric bill does not go down after the first 60 days, you try to build a power plant, I will refund your money…..

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According to their website, the truth is that privacy and security are changing, and they want the ability to stay up to date with changes. To do this, follow the blog updated with the latest information to help you in your quest.If the experience of this website or e-book leaves the Patriot kit privacy in the comments below. It is not only easy to read guide to protect your personal information by reading this guide you will also find a series of interviews. All items are checked by hackers and fraudsters. Reading the interviews, you understand what this criminal mind and what they want to steal your identity. It is very informative and interesting.
If you are reading this review because you thought the recent identity theft, not to worry. Not only prevention itself. A bonus book that covers everything about identity theft. Not any great book, it is very important, and all e-book that gives great credit to the Patriot kit privacy.
Is for sale at a reasonable price. The write books or electronic books and parcel of the same information, but they are far too expensive. By purchasing the Patriot kit privacy, you can complete and clear information at the right price to get.The program provides a 90 day warranty. Yes, you read that right. If you are not completely satisfied with the results after the first 90 days of buying Patriot Privacy Kit, you can request a full refund. Warranty is 3 months, it is a very reliable program.inconvenients..As you might expect, if you should buy the product shows the advantages and disadvantages and should be kept in mind when you want, and it does not matter. Here is a list of some of the drawbacks to consider before you purchase privacy controls Patriot kit.

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I try to keep three or four boxes in each one of our favorite cereal. By keeping the number of boxes you have, because they can spoil more quickly than expected, depending on the humidity into consideration.
Or condensed milk powder..I must be one of the biggest box-in-hand with the use of milk powder and cooking chocolate are the house in winter. I have 10 cans of condensed milk in the hands of a couple of times when I’m out of milk on a regular basis and use it to do things like macaroni and cheese.Make ‘off-the-grid’ super secret house..Many people believe that once you have set up your inventory, you should not play again until you are prepared to pay anything. It’s not true. We want to stop the process, not to end up in a good store of spoiled food. And remember: Add a little ‘over to storage continues to grow.What advice would you add to storage? Share your thoughts below in the section:Learn the tricks to save thousands of grocery store. Read more here.Homestead car? (This has advantages and disadvantages)
related news..Drown Squash? Smart means 18, which can be usedIn the long term, the three pioneers survival food ingredientsDog canned technology vintage (but are they safe?)
31 commentsMitchell sunnie..I’m at the point where I think more sensitive to the cost of building an emergency pantry dried. Well dehydrator is now within the financial reach of those with a budget of less than $ 100 to $ base price is a good car, and when dry, life is so powerful, allows to save work automatically complete the purchase. Yes, you have to buy bags, but even better weight problems (for safety stitching, etc. Canned and preserved preserves / jam) and preserves.The stacking tray or transport (like Bob) is removed from the water tank is much lighter than cans, and virtually eliminates the need to rotate.Add to that all need to use dry food, water, waves, knife (to open) and a pot or pan to cook all rocket fire, fire.

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It’s so different from what you’ve experienced before, because it helps you to problems and issues with food.In the new version of my revolutionary my class that helps control emotions and help stop the frenzy, at the same time. You survived, barely, deprivation and binging too long. You’re finally ready for a new life style of cooking that really works?It’s time for a new way to do it; way to help you feel good !!! This program works!Freedom Food! fitness program group where we meet every week for 12 weeks on the phone. I invite you to live, work and the response, so that every week you can go to your goals.Some of the results are:Learn to recognize and avoid the old ways of filling their emotions and not down
I know what is good for your body and let everyone play ‘I eat food uninteresting circle..Keep your favorite food in the house for weeks and months (or even years) and do not worry about small scratches..Hanging out with friends and enjoy your first choice for a great meal and pay attention to the conversation. . . together..You can count on the food and all..Be real and let the inner light shine!Former members have reduced emotional eating, stop the binging cycle, learn to listen and confidence and began to accept and love her body!Many took this program and the results they thought they could achieve. Class was created to help you achieve the best goals to reach the goal of your body / mind / spirit! This category of new and effective techniques, instructions on how to handle food and interactive platform to share, the best way to share experiences, support and maintenance of the problem and the solution.For the first time will be the properties. Find a mentor to help you in your program! Imagine how you can go when someone is removed from the day before is here to help! Ask questions, ask for help, and connect with all the mentoring program so that it can fully participate in the healing of this program is to give!The fund will be in time to help you stay on track and on time. I know you want to be possible targets. Program.This is not to the single application. there should be more rules to follow. Instead, you get the tools and support to include their own way. It is a journey to find self-confidence; something outside the system.With the help of a step by step you will learn to identify feelings eat such food is fuel for the body and emotions to get the love and attention they need. You can get the tools to help you achieve. When you do, you are the real secret to finding happiness they seek.This is for you if:You had every diet under the sun and tired of thinking itself is a failure. On the other hand, we are ready to take the blame where it belongs – Diet – and earn a living!Tired help get rich foods and are willing to hurt you on this diet. You want to talk and think about life, what you eat, when you eat and how you eat.
You want to put aside thoughts of self-punishment and eating behaviors, and how you can treat yourself. Put yourself first and make a lot of love, healing and prosperity (for life)!If you do not want to accept and even love your body even if you are not absolutely sure that it is possible.You know you eat mentally and are ready to feelings, what you really need for better health throughout.They are free to eat what you want and need to feel good inside and outside, and the instructions are correct, you foods help find food in the wild!Here are five modules of the course:
Module 1: Delete the sanctions and stop eating compulsively..Villa was never Binges after weeks of successful retention? He does not teach that it could not be promised a diet to weight loss success and a happy life forever?Well, it’s not your fault!

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Ultimately, the program speech to help people to be on the ‘water wars’ of our public companies greedy and power hungry. This requires a change in direction, we think about the global distribution of resources. 20th century, charity or support for the most commonly taken to the imbalance between rich and poor ok. But this response ignores the fact that the major problems of our interconnected world, now they can not be treated separately, or even at national level (and, ultimately, the limited resources of the earth). If we want to solve the shortage, we must take into account the global perspective, he said.What’s the point?The question that bothers many of us reuse and recycling of science teachers tell us, if it is just a false idealism – can really affect the lives of others? ‘Of course, Lall said. ‘The question is not a story of the most amazing structures. ‘He explains:The best way to get an idea, look at what happened the last time, so the drought in the region in the world, at the same time, if the food is grown and exported to the world market. This benchmark is based on calculations made by me, decrease of approximately 10% of production due to drought in the wheat in the world, or rice – is the analogy I use the perpetual lack of water – shows a 50% increase on the world market.If you sit on the floor, like the United States, with a surplus of grain, it may be [immediately] positive that farmers earn more money, but in general, we see the price rise. If the United States would take a lot of grain produced here, so that farmers can earn more outside the United States [time] to see that the price increases. They are not immune.There is a silver lining here. Lall think the reality is, ultimately, the possibility of cooperation with people, not only on free competition (war). It is hoped that the technology helps us get out of the jam resistance, said in 1960, nobody thought that the planet can support more than one billion people. ‘If you standardize on the basis of the number of people we have, we have a good feeling surprised, he says now. Technology can sometimes be nothing more than a quick fix, but also gave us a tremendous amount of energy to adapt.