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Finally, remove any documents or programs that are not needed. How to keep the junk in the house, so that the documents in the memory on the computer. Do not forget to empty the recycle bin, since then, nothing has been completely removed, and the memory is not released until it is finished. This only opens more space for the team to do the job.If the computer starts to slow down, what are you going to do to make it run as fast as a new one? You can buy more memory, try to adjust the settings on the computer, or buy a new one in its place. Of course, these solutions do not work, and you can accelerate the performance of your COMPUTER. But, in the course of time, how to keep your computer from slowing down again? Here are 4 useful ways for users of Windows Vista to optimize the performance of your computer.

Remove spyware

Spyware is designed to collect your personal data and confidential information, without your permission. Not to disclose confidential information to third parties for purposes of profit. You can give yourself and your life a disaster. In addition to their safety and privacy, spyware also hamper the performance of your computer. Therefore, in the case where the figure of the equipment does not operate normally, or unexpected popup messages on your computer, it is best to install a powerful spyware removal tool and check your pc for virus for protecting your PC from viruses, spyware, adware and malware. The best way to deal with the virus, run your antivirus software all the time, and keep it up to date.

Use ReadyBoost

Buy more memory to increase the RAM memory is the option to increase the speed of your computer, but there is a maximum limit. If you are using Windows Vista, you can use ReadyBoost, which allows the use of nonvolatile flash memory, such as USB flash drives and memory cards accelerate the performance of your computer, without having to add additional memory. Keep in mind that the amount of memory that you want to use for ReadyBoost Windows acceleration up to three times the amount of RAM installed in your COMPUTER.

Clean up your hard disk

The computer will run slowly if the hard disk is full of garbage and programs that are not needed. Free on the hard disk may increase the speed of your computer. Follow the procedure below you can improve the performance of your COMPUTER.

Click the Start button>All programs>Accessories>System tools >Disk cleanup.

In the Disk Cleanup Options, depending on the application, select the file you want to delete the files, or all files on the computer.

If the Disk cleanup: Drive Selection dialog box that appears, select the hard drive that you need to release and press the OK button.

Click on the tab, Disk cleanup, and then locate the file that you want to delete, and then select or clear the check boxes.

Click OK after you choose the file you want to delete. And then click Delete files to confirm the operation.

To disable unnecessary improvements

In Windows Vista, there are many visual improvements, which are attractive for computer users. However, we also need system resources and slow down your computer. If you want a faster COMPUTER, you can disable the following steps.