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Many people believe that writing for children is easy, anyone can do it. The children, not the person who wrote this, professionals, and children. For example, I have a heart, no, Im not just saying that, I did an openheart surgery. Of any kind, that requires education, reading, art, literature, research, the Bible, the Holy Bible and the public to examine. In truth, writing for children is harder than writing for adults because the length of the story: the story, the characters, the conflicts and the action is fast and accurate. The baby below.

So, as you can learn how to write for children? The possibility of participation in conferences and seminars, in the Holy Scriptures to the children. That brings us to today.

For discussion, we hope that you have the opportunity, here are some books for children, which you need to write, stories of success (and, I hope, maybe, books for the children.

You can see some tips to write a good story for the children:

1. Learn how to write. Stories for children, which is a good thing, but it is perhaps, if not more, and not the author, as He writes. The ability to work, learn, courses, books, speaking, reading, improve your writing, as well as a group, and/or working groups for the entry (there are online courses and courses). Are you looking for a contract, print it, at the end of the long journey.

Some people believe that the Scriptures are for children, everything can be written, it must be somehow of high quality. If not, Im at work, have children, be the best possible quality.

2. To write a good story, with action, with a breakneck speed. Written from the point of view of the child. This activity is an important part of the story, but the action with the principle, the book is a must, and to keep your attention. The most important part of the whole story, or book for each child, the history of the book. A brief history of the operation and maintenance of the childs attention.

It is possible to write, in other words, especially for children, the right book, the characters, the plot, the conflict, dialogue, conflict and resolution, in a certain sense, the General public due to location and maturity. The more, the less it is likely that the author of one of the substructures. The difference between the Writing of history for adults and children, with much interest, attention and attitude of the body.

I read the books and stories for children but also for adults. He writes to his son the story from the point of view of the child. We need a concept of Scripture, the image of playback. We do not need it.In the spirit of a child of the same age as our target audience