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This can easily create a teaspoon of olive oil in your mouth for 20 minutes, or less, every day, or, if it is possible, with this simple oral rehabilitation and has been praised for the treatment of periodontal disease, headaches, and much more. If no more than 20 minutes, three to five minutes, even if it is good. You can also coconut oil is cold pressed, olive oil or sunflower seed oil. The best time to oil pull is first thing in the morning, after getting up from the bed. You can do this routine in the morning, while you take a bath and prepare for the day). After oil pulling, spit the oil the toilet and pushed her into the water, immediately after which are full of toxins in the body (saliva or in the trash). Do not be surprised if the oil / mixture of saliva, water, milk, white or yellow is full of toxins, as I have already said). Immediately after this, wash the mouth with hot water. Finally, brush your teeth as usual. Note: make sure that it is not the power in a mouth wash with oil all the time, even if it is not possible to feel pain in the muscles of the jaw. Simple and move the oil slowly in your mouth and your teeth, not swallowed.A few drops of moisturizer (the capacity of each of the child’s body or cream on the face and neck. Mix milk cream with few drops of water and apply on the face and neck with a light massage. Cream, milk, water, mixed with cotton. Wash face and neck with water. Or just. The evaporation of mineral water on the face and neck and leave on you or not. When your face is still wet with a few drops of almond oil, coconut or olive oil and RUB between your hands and put it on the face and neck. Take up to 20 minutes, so that the oil is wet to the bone. At the moment, the beauty of face Yoga exercises. Clean the excess oil on the face and neck with a handkerchief. All about it! Of the face and neck, and now it is fresh and bright.Good digestion is very important for health and beauty. Relieve the priority, the body of toxins, every day. Mint tea is, in my opinion, one of the best remedies for indigestion to relieve. Mint contains menthol, spasmolytic, which relaxes the muscles of the digestive tract. Mint tea to drink before you go to sleep, helps me look to the bathroom regularly, every morning. Ginger tea is a great remedy for constipation.