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This region is part of the transition zone between the countries of the coast, forests and arid grasslands of the interior. Serves as habitat to protect the residents in black-and-white (Colobus polykomos), Mona Monkeys (Cercopithecus campbell) andred colobus (Procolobus badius waldroni), and are important cultural and sacred beliefs of the people. (Fargey, 1992). The monkeys of life, with people and large groups are easy to find in the forest and in the villages.The spirit led him into a forest one day and saw five monkeys gathered around a pot covered with calico. The hunter was fascinated and could not kill. After consultation with Daworo, said that the treatment of monkeys, as the members of the family. ‘Dawuro”, asked the hunter to take the calico home and when he did, the monkeys followed him home. With time, the number of monkeys and the increase in the fortune-hunters also increased. The hunter is due, the better the condition of the material, to his Association with monkeys, and this led to a symbiotic relationship that has remained until this day. “Until today, every monkey that he died, was buried, and the funeral, in the form of people, the sanctuary, kill the monkeys that live in the forest and in their villages. The sanctuary is an important example of how traditional values in Ghana led to the conservation of the animal world. Nevertheless, it is sad that in a recent study by Conservation International (CI, 2000) have shown that about 98 percent of the more than 200 animals that are threatened as a totem, in Ghana, extinction, endangered or threatened with extinction. To work around the sanctuary, to combine your full potential as a tourist destination, effectively and efficiently the strategies that can be supported, defined by Geomatics due to its completeness, the sustainability and the socio-economic development and sustainable significance. On a Global level in the field of biological diversity for the success of the preservation of this link to recognize. For example, note that “doesn’t have to be new contacts and partnerships between the two communities, that the biologists and resource managers, in collaboration with scientists, the social, the political leaders, farmers, journalists, artists, designers, teachers, lawyers. It is a dialogue between the Central government and local authorities, the industry and the initiative of the citizens”. (WRI,. al., 1992:20). The participation of groups of citizens that should not be underestimated. The hunting and gathering cultures from all over the world have left sculptures and paintings of animals on the rocks and in the caves, the proof of the universality of their mystic connections to those animals. Riane Eisler, in her book “the chalice and the sword: our history, our future” (1987) shows that the people of Catal Huyuk and Hacilar (in modern Turkey), drew symbols, animals on the walls of houses and shrines, engraved, terracottas and sculptures, terracotta statuettes and bas-beliefs. At Boabeng fiema monkey Sanctuary, these totems are still prevalent in the cultural practices of the population, live in reality, with these monkeys.

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