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He studied in monasteries and schools, who taught the mysteries of Egypt, Babylon, England, India, China and Greece, and has been one of the teachers, astronomers, and astrologers. Jesus was very disciplined, spiritual person, and he knew that the spiritual truths taught in the scriptures, and Brahmanism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, thousands of years. All teach the same truth. Also, jesus was a man who worked to overcome the human weaknesses that we all face. Teach: “God” in human form, away from him, to which he came. People can’t communicate with him, if he came to the same story, and it was the limitations of the ego. Jesus was able to practice the spiritual truths he had learned in the first years of his life. An easy way to respond to the world, regardless of their status, income, race, or the fact that it is an effective and sought after teachers. Christians, the Bible is the sacred book of the metaphysics, which includes spirituality. The bible is a collection of 66 books, 1500 years ago. Each book is written to understand a certain audience, and finally, completely, the message of the author, the study of the political, social, economic, and religious system that was written at the time of the material. The scriptures, the Bible is divided into three main groups: the story of Jewish spiritual teachings and the foundations of the theology of the early Orthodox Church. Important for the study of meta-physics, spirituality, it is the certainty to continue life as the physical existence of spiritual guides and teachers. Most of these teachers have lived in a time where the earth and the study of the law of attraction to guide us, if the real journey. You can try to surprise us with intuition and communication, psychology, making important decisions in life. We want to, we can help you, but not in our life for us. Healing is another important aspect of meta-physics, spirituality, and other Sciences, theology and other ancient mystery schools. All healing—-the hand is an integral part of the Church services in the city of Sarasota the light. All are welcome to experience this form of healing. Metaphysics, spirituality is not only a religion, but a way of life.

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